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Re: h.p. kraus

  • Subject: Re: h.p. kraus
  • From: "Stephen Pober" <pobe@worldnet.att.net>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 08:26:48 -0400

H. P. Kraus died in 1988. His personal library was mainly composed of
bibliographies. He had a reference library of nearly 100,000 volumes. I
assume that all of the "treasures" that he might have kept in his private
library in Ridgefield, Connecticut have gone back to the shop at 16 East
46th Street in New York City. They are quit safe there, as the firm has a
massive bank vault type safe where it keeps it finest books, maps,
manuscripts, etc.  Portions of the reference library were offered for sale
in H. P. Kraus catalogues 184, 187, 190. The current proprietor is one of
Mr. Kraus' daughters, Many Ann K [raus] Mitchell.

The "print shop" Mr. Davis speaks of passing is actually the multi-storied
shop from which the firm continues to issue cataloges (the most recent
being catalogue #208 on the performing arts) and see visitors.  The items
noted by Mr. Davis have gone into both private and institutional
collections. These items might be traced through auction catalogues, other
dealer catalogues (which are wont to mention that a book or map was once
sold by H. P. Kraus), or in library cataloges, but this would be very
time-consuming. I am sure there are still many cartographic treasure to be
found in the firm's vault (at a price).

Stephen E. Pober    
Pober Publishing

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