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h.p. kraus

Hello everyone,
	I have a couple of bound H.P. Kraus catalogs.  The quality
of the material offered therein is basically unparalleled: e.g. Mercator
terrestrial globe, waldseemuller globe gores, Ortelius-Mercator
correspondence, Blaeu world wall maps, etc.  Yonge's catalog of globes
conserved in the U.S lists "H.P. Kraus" as the owner of several old

My questions: 
(1) Where is Kraus's private collection now?  I walked by an H.P. Kraus 
print shop in Manhattan one time, so it might tend with reason to assume
that the collection remains with him.  However, I have trouble simply
assuming that this is the case because so many of the items are
absolutlely unique, and, by many interpretations (partially my own) should
be safeguarded in a public collection.  And anyway it has been over 45
years since the publication of his earliest catalogs so, without wishing
to be crass, I am not sure whether H.P. Kraus is himself still alive.

(2) What happened to all the items that were offered for sale in his
catalogs.  Are the majority of these items now in (a) private collections
(b) public collections, or (c) __________?

Sincerely, --Jaron Davis

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