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Re: requests for info

  • Subject: Re: requests for info
  • From: Tom Fenn <tomfe@swbell.net>
  • Date: Sun, 09 Aug 1998 12:54:08 -0500

I can't help with the artist but try Ebay for the prices. This is a online
auction with lots of maps and atlases. Don't get too excited most of the
items not worth the price of the shipping, but you can get feel for the
prices of 20th c. items. However now and then a good item will show up, but
these sell for about retail and if you are in to road maps this is the place
to find them by the hand full.
The address is:  http// pages.ebay.com/aw/index.html, use the search engine
for maps or atlas, are anything else you might be interested in. Hope this
Tom Fenn
Dave Goforth wrote:

> A couple of requests for help:
> 1.  Where do I start to get approximate values for a mixed collection of
> atlases, mainly American and Canadian, 1900-1970?
> 2.  I'm trying to find information about a Canadian artist, Stanley
> Turner, who did animated maps during and after WW II.  He did a series of
> maps of theatres of war for public information that I am particularly
> interested in.
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Dave Goforth
> Laurentian University, Sudbury ON
> goforth@bethel.cs.laurentian.ca
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