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Re: requests for info

  • Subject: Re: requests for info
  • From: Barry Lawrence Ruderman <blr@raremaps.com>
  • Date: Sun, 09 Aug 1998 08:11:32 -0700

Response below:

>1.  Where do I start to get approximate values for a mixed collection of
>atlases, mainly American and Canadian, 1900-1970?

++++  This is always a difficult question, because the prices on these are
all over the board.  A dealer may charge 20 to 50 times what these kind of
items can be found for in a flea market, garage sale or used book store, as
they are not yet "antique", whatever that word really means. Also, except
in rare instance, demand has not yet caught up with supply, so the market
functions without good pricing information as no one is running around
snapping up the underpriced values, as is the case with earlier material.

That having been said, I'd recommend a simple market survey. Use the two
on-line services Advanced Book Exchange and Bibliofind and review the
prices willing sellers are offering the items for.  While this is an
inexact science, many of the dealers offering items on these services use
the same method, so there is some modicum of "market pricing".  Please note
that other variables such as condition affect these atlases.

>2.  I'm trying to find information about a Canadian artist, Stanley
>Turner, who did animated maps during and after WW II.  He did a series of
>maps of theatres of war for public information that I am particularly
>interested in.

++++++  I can think of several non-traditional sources. There are several
avid collectors of these maps on the west coast.  I'll e-mail a few and
offer there addresses if they don't mind.  Paul Mahoney of the Old Map
Gallery ( oldmapgallery@denver.net ) has been getting more active in this
period and may help.  There is also a Jo Mora society which is quite
knowledgeable about his maps...you may find them useful to steer you toward
other persons who share your interests.  You should contact Joss Grandeau
in Twin Falls, Idaho (regret that I have no phone or address info.), who is
the president of the society.  

Good luck.

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