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What about Globes

The enclosure is from Dorothy Prescott
Enclosed are my comments. Sorry about the laborious way of replying but I
am having problems with my computer.
To: HcTunison@aol.com
From: J R V Prescott <johnrvp@clyde.its.unimelb.edu.au>
Subject: Re: What about Globes?!

In response I too hope that map trade covers both new and old map, atlases,
globes etc as detailed by George Glazer. I am particularly interested in
prices achieved as well as prices asked . I am not in the business of
selling maps but I am a valuer of such materials. It is a stipulation of
the Government body I prepare valuations for that recent prices must be
cited. I hope very much that this list will prove to be an authoritative
source that I can quote in my valuations. There are not many sources apart
from the Antique Map Price Record and Handbook and of course auction and
booksellers catalogues.>

Perhaps this is self-evident, but MapTrade should, in my opinion, be about
>maps AND GLOBES.  Plus, armillary spheres, orreries, tellurians.  And I gather
>for that matter celestial charts are to be included.....
>Of course the definition of maps itself can be expansive or limited.
>Presumably it includes antique separately issued maps, pocket maps, maps in
>books (I assume), wall maps, and atlases.  How about 20th Century road/gas
>company maps?  How about new maps?  Is MapTrade supposed to be about
>antiquarian maps only????
>Anything I left out?????  Any comments?
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