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References to map illustrations in books

  • Subject: References to map illustrations in books
  • From: "Larry Day" <l@larryday.com>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 09:23:41 -0400

I have noticed on this list and maphist that questions are often partially
answered with a reference to a book. This goes beyond just references to
Shirley, Burden, etc. This week's pointer to the Gerritsz map reproduction
in the Armstrong book is a current example. While I have the Armstrong book,
I would not have gone there early in any search to find a copy of the
particular map in question.

This brings me to my question: Has anyone put together a list (or database)
of all of the maps illustrated in the commonly found books on antique maps
(not an index of all of the content of these books, just the illustrations)?

This would provide a shortcut so that we could go to our private or public
libraries and quickly find a copy of the map...and any background about it
as the Armstrong book did on the Gerritsz map.


Larry Day

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