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Re: DeBry Virginia & Some Thoughts

  • Subject: Re: DeBry Virginia & Some Thoughts
  • From: Peter van der Krogt <pvdk@delftnet.nl>
  • Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 11:35:37 +0200

Dear all

It should really be defined what will be the topic of this list different
from MapHist. It is no use to have two lists which overlap each other
largely - resulting in sending all message to both list (annoying for those
who are subscribed to both lists).

>1.	All Exhibitions, commercial or otherwise.

This will double MapHist very much.

>2.	Collector questions...no matter how routine.

This too. Maybe the routine questions annoy MapHisters, but, how should a
collector know if his question is routine or not?

>3.	Dealer postings of items for sale.

This was were the Maptrade list was meant for

>4.	Any other topics which relate to antique maps.

This is also MapHist.

Visit the MapHist WWW page

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Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Utrecht
P.O. Box 80.115
3508 TC  UTRECHT, The Netherlands
e-mail: p.vanderkrogt@geog.uu.nl and pvdk@delftnet.nl
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