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DeBry Virginia & Some Thoughts

  • Subject: DeBry Virginia & Some Thoughts
  • From: Barry Lawrence Ruderman <blr@raremaps.com>
  • Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 00:39:28 -0700

Dear List,

Its time we start trading everyone's ideas on the content of this list.  I
recommend the following list of acceptable postings:

1.	All Exhibitions, commercial or otherwise.
2.	Collector questions...no matter how routine.
3.	Dealer postings of items for sale.
4.	Any other topics which relate to antique maps.

The list excludes messages from non-subscribers not approved by the
moderator, which will keep out all spam.  I will probably only exclude
messages from non-subscribers which have no remote relation to the list's
general purpose.

I'm hopeful that this list will flush out new contributors. It would be
wonderful to have the tone of this list mirror the sort of conversations
that take place at antiquarian book and map fairs...ranging from simple
beginner questions to advanced collector topics.

I'm now collecting quotes for a maptrade homepage, so please don't be shy
about contributing.

Now for a commercial message:

At the risk of bombarding you all with offers, I make the following
posting.  While not everyone will likely want to acquire the map, perhaps
the 415K image I have to offer will be a worthwhile acquistion for a
broader range of subscribers.  

In any event, I have the following map available:

Americae pars Nunc Virginia ....Theodore de Bry, Amsterdam, 1590 (2nd
State, with C and E in overlaid in Chesepiooc).  Partially trimmed lower
left margin, entering into border (as often the case?)and several other
minor flaws (minor discoloration at top margin and along the centerfold and
very minor printers creases), all of which are plainly visible in my jpeg

Price:  $7900.00....but the jpeg is free to all who ask!

Barry Lawrence Ruderman		6141 Soledad Mountain Road
Old Historic Maps & Prints		La Jolla, CA  92037	
blr@raremaps.com			Phone: (619) 551-8500    
http://www.raremaps.com		Fax:   (619) 456-4095

This mailing list is brought to you courtesy of:
Barry Lawrence Ruderman
Old Historic Maps & Prints

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