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maptrade vs maphist; consultations

  • Subject: maptrade vs maphist; consultations
  • From: RBASKES@aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 14:21:25 EDT

The questions about Traugott Bromme's sources and Garcias y Cubas were
probably even more appropriate to maphist than maptrade.  (But let's not start
putting the same questions on both).

Irrespective of which list is assaulted, I think we have to ease up a little
on the questions.  I don't think it is appropriate to ask either list
questions with answers which any librarian can find by looking in his or her
most commonly consulted reference books.  And it probably is even less
appealing to be consulted each time a dealer is writing a description of a
map.  Presumably you want some of the people who stay on maptrade for more
than a few days to be customers

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