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  • Subject: [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: [Maphist] Harvard Missing Map Alert]]
  • From: David Cobb <cobb@fas.harvard.edu>
  • Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 11:13:52 -0400

*Missing Map Alert*

Following a reported theft of rare maps from Yale University in June 
2005, Houghton Library, Harvard's main depository for rare books and 
manuscripts, launched an assessment of its map holdings.  The following 
maps are missing from the collection.  Any information leading to the 
recovery of these maps would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact 
lhcl@fas.harvard.edu <mailto:lhcl@fas.harvard.edu>. 

"A Map of New England" by [John Foster] in
William Hubbard's, /A narrative of the troubles with Indians in 
Boston, 1677
Schwartz/Ehrenberg, pl. 68.
*AC6.H8613.677na (A)

"Carte generalle de la Nouvelle France ..." by I. Rouillard in
Chrétien Le Clercq, /Establissement de la foy dans la Nouvelle //France/...
Paris, 1691
McCorkle 691.3

"Figvre de la Terre Nevve, Grand Riviere de Canada ..." in
Marc Lescarbot, /Histoire de la Nouvelle //France/...
Paris, 1609
Burden 157

[World map] by [James Beare?] in
George Best, /A true discourse of the late voyages of discouerie/...
London, 1578
Burden 51
STC 1972

[Map showing New England and New France]  in
Samuel Purchas, /Purchas his pilgrimes/
London, 1625
Kershaw 86
fSTC 20509 (A)

"Nova et integra Vniversi orbis descriptio"  by [Oronce Fine] in
Pomponius Mela, /De situ orbis libri tres/...
Paris, 1540
Shirley 66
Typ 515.40.566F

"Carte Geographiqve de la Novvelle Franse faictte par le Sievr de 
Champlain ..." in
Samuel de Champlain, /Les voyages du sieur de Champlain Xaintongeois/...
Paris, 1612
Burden 160
Can 205.4*

[Lac Tracy ov Svperievr] by [Claude Allouez] in
Claude Dablon, /Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable aux 
missions des peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle //France/...
Paris, 1672
Schwartz/Ehrenberg, p. 127
Can 236.70*

[Lac Tracy ov Svperievr] by [Claude Allouez] in
Claude Dablon, /Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable aux 
missions des peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle //France/...
Paris, 1673
Schwartz/Ehrenberg, p. 127
Can 236.71*

"Plan of the City of Washington" by [Andrew Ellicott] in
/The Universal asylum and Columbian magazine./
Philadelphia, 1792
Miller, Washington in Maps, p.44.
P 141.1*

"Nova Belgica sive Nieuw/Nederlandt" by [Evert Nieuwenhof] in
Adriaen van der Donck,/ Beschryvinge van Nieuw-Nederlant.../
Amsterdam, 1656
Burden 317
US 15316.56*

"A Map of the Whole Territory Traversed by John Lederer in His Three 
Marches" in
John Lederer, /The discoveries of John Lederer/...
London, 1672
Schwartz/Ehrenberg, p. 116
US 18416.69.4*

"[Mexico City and Gulf of Mexico]" in
Hernán Cortés, /Praeclara Ferdina[n]di Cortesii de noua maris oceani 
Hyspania narration.../
Nuremberg, 1524
Burden 5
*72S-196-197 F

Source Materials:
Burden, Philip D. _The Mapping of __North America__: A List of Printed 
Maps, 1511-1620. _London, 1996.
Kershaw, Kenneth A. _Early Printed Maps of __Canada__. I. 1540-1703._ 1993
McCorkle, Barbara Backus. _New England__ in Early Printed Maps, 1513 to 
1800._ Providence, 2001.
Miller, Iris. _Washington__ in Maps, 1606-200._ New York, 2001.
Schartz, Seymour I. and Ralph E. Ehrenberg. _The Mapping of 
__America__._ Edison, NJ, 2001.
Shirley, Rodney W. _The Mapping of the World: Early Printed Maps, 1472 
-- 1700._ Riverside, CT, 2001.


David A. Cobb	
Harvard Map Collection
Harvard College Library
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel. 617.495.2417
FAX  617.496.0440
Email: cobb@fas.harvard.edu

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