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Charles S. Smith:  a Plan of the Investment of York and Gloucester, Virginia

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Title: a Plan of the Investment of York and Gloucester, Virginia

Map Maker: Charles S. Smith

Place / Date: New York / 1796

Coloring: Outline Color

Size: 15.5 x 17 inches

Condition: VG

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Rare Revolutionary War battle plan showing the battle of Yorktown, from Charles Smith’s Monthly Military Repository, one of the earliest obtainable American engraved plans of the battle.

The map provides a fine and highly detailed treatment of the battle, includingh the positions and fortifications of the combatants.  The British positions are identified in red, with the American positions identified in blue, and french positions in Yellow, a color scheme which was used throughout the book.

The plan shows the location of Gen. Washington's Quarters, Rochambeau's Quarters and the quarters of Knox, Clinton, La Fayette, Gov. Neilson, Gen. Lincoln, Viscount Vominil, Baron Vominil Marquis St. Simon, Baron Stuben, and others, numerous troop positions, roads and lines of fire.

Smith’s Repository (1796-1797)  included instruction on military strategy, conduct, and clothing, extracts from histories of European wars and, more importantly descriptions of American Revolutionary battles. Most of the descriptions for the American battles were taken from the writings of Baron Steuben and Gen. Horatio Gates. Included were a series of revolutionary battle plans based on prototypes published in London.  In 1797 Smith reissued the American material from the Repository in a single volume under the title The American War.

The maps from this work are very rare on the market, especially with original color.

Condition Description: Repaired along one fold, else a nice example.

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