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Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres:  [Bay of Gaspee, Maul Bay, Isle Bonaventure, Cape Despair]

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Title: [Bay of Gaspee, Maul Bay, Isle Bonaventure, Cape Despair]

Map Maker: Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres

Place / Date: London / 1777

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 30 x 61 inches

Condition: VG

Price: SOLD

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Nice example of Des Barres' chart of Bay of Gaspee, Maul Bay, Isle Bonaventure, Cape Despair, from Des Barres' monumental Atlantic Neptune.

This fine chart appeared in the Atlantic Neptune by Captain Joseph Frederick Wallet des Barres. The Atlantic Neptune was remarkable, multi-volume set of sea charts and coastal views prepared from surveys by Samuel Holland, Thomas Hurd, and Charles Blaskowitz. The maps were prepared under the supervision of Des Barres and employed as many as twenty engravers and assistants. The Atlantic Neptune is one of the finest large scale sea atlases of the U.S. and Canadian Atlantic coast line ever produced. The maps in the atlas were produced over six year period (1775-81), and are well known for their accurate portrayal of various sounds, bays, bars, and harbors as well as navigational hazards. The atlas was used extensively by the Royal Navy during the American Revolution.

Condition Description: Three sheets joined

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