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Joseph Hutchins Colton:  Colton's Map of the United States of America, The British Provinces, Mexico, The West Indies and Central America . . . 1856 [2 Sheet Map]

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Title: Colton's Map of the United States of America, The British Provinces, Mexico, The West Indies and Central America . . . 1856 [2 Sheet Map]

Map Maker: Joseph Hutchins Colton

Place / Date: New York / 1856

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 40 x 33 (if joined) inches

Condition: VG+

Price: $4,500.00

Inventory ID: 27966


Magnificant 2 sheet example of the rare 1855 edition of Colton's map of the United States.

This edition includes 2 short-lived western territorial anomalies, the "Unihabited" lands between New Mexico and Chihuahua and the unincorporated block of land between Kansas, Indian Territory and Texas, which would later be split between Kansas.

In the 1850s,  J.H. Colton published several separately issued maps of the United States, including his 1-sheet "pocket map edition," the 4-sheet "wall map" edition and this very rare 2-sheet version, which was available either in sheets or dissected and laid on linen (as offered here).  The three maps offered one of the most up to date and comprehensive views of the United States and were revised at least annually, often more than once a year, as information flowed in from the early Western Surveys sponsored by the United States Government and as new territories were created and regions opened up to setltement.

The present map shows the region west of the Missisisppi River immediately before the Gadsden Purchase, including the newly formed Washington Territory (1853), Kansas Territory (1854), and Minnesota Territory (1849) and revised configurations for Nebraska Territory and Oregon Territory (which did not gain statehood until 1859).  The map is richly updated with the best available information from the west.

The elaborate grapevine borders, including 12 vignettes of various places of interest, including Willamette Falls in Oregon, the Capitol Building, an incomplete Washington Monument, Astoria Oregon, Mexicans catching cattle, and the Valley of Connecticut from Roanoake.  While the early editions of the map appear on the market periodically, this mid-1850s example is very rare. 

The present example was orginally bound as 2 sheets in the Andiveau-Goujon Atlas Choix, a selection of separately published maps bound by the French publisher Andirveau-Goujon in Paris each year, from about 1830 to 1880, using a selection of the best separately published maps available on the market in Paris and frequently including maps published by American, English, German and Italian publishers, as well as other French publishers.


Condition Description: Two unjoined sheets, laid on larger sheets and removed from acomposite atlas. Very light foxing in a few spots.

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