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Jacques Nicholas Bellin:  Carte Du Detroit Entré Le Lac Superieur et Le Lac Huron . . . 1744

Title: Carte Du Detroit Entré Le Lac Superieur et Le Lac Huron . . . 1744

Map Maker: Jacques Nicholas Bellin

Place / Date: Paris / 1744

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 8.5 x 6.5 inches

Condition: VG+

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Important early map showing the region between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

Starting at Whitefish Bay & Point, the map locates Sault Ste Marie & the course of the St.Mary's River down to Isle St. Joseph showing the course of the St Mary's River down to Isle St. Joseph showing the portage & mission of Ste Marie,Fort Sauvage & Isle St.Georges.

Shows the Passage des Canots (canoes) and Passage des Batimens (ships) on either side of Isle St.Joseph. Chart also depicts the Straits of Mackinac with the Bay and Cape of St.Ignace on the northern shore. Isle St.Helene in center of the straits and a fort & mission of St.Ignace on the southern shore. Also shows the Isle Ronde, I aux Bois Blancs. I.Michillimakinac, Isle du Detour and Isle de Tessalons.

 Includes a decorative compass rose. Extremely important regional map.

In 1720 the Duke of Orleans sent the Jesuit scholar and explorer Pierre François-Xavier de Charlevoix to America to record events in New France and Louisiana and determine the best route to the Pacific Ocean. Charlevoix gathered geographic information from fur traders in Quebec and traveled through the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi River. After he returned to France, Charlevoix published his views on North America in his Histoire et description générale de la Nouvelle France, which has become one of hte most important works on North America during the period prior to the French & Indian (Seven Years) War.

Thomas Jefferson owned a copy of Charlevoix’s Histoire et description générale and recommended it, along with the accounts of Hennepin and Lahontan, as a “particularly useful species of reading.” He referred to Charlevoix’s book as he developed his own ideas of Louisiana and the Northwest.

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