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A Sketch of A Journey from Zhe-Hol in Tartary by land to Pekin and from thence by water to Hang-Tchoo-Foo in China Staunton 1796 $595.00 Details
A Sketch by Compass of the Coast of the Promontory of Shan-Tung with the Track of the Ships and the Soundings from the place of first making the land to the Strait of Mi-A-Tau Staunton 1796 $875.00 Details
Carte sur laquelle est tracee la Route qu'a suivie L'Ambassade Anglaise, Depuis Zhe-Hol en Tartarie Jusqu'a Pekin,et de Pekin a Hang-Tchou-Fou en Chine. Staunton 1804 $356.00 Details
A Chart of Part of the Coast of Cochin-China Including Turon Harbour and the Island Callao (Vietnam Coastline) Staunton 1796 $450.00 Details
Sketch of A Journey from Hang-Tchoo-Foo To Quang-Tchoo-Foo or Canton in China Staunton 1796 $795.00 Details