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Maps of the World

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
(Map of the World Showing the Route of Sir Francis Drake) De Bry 1599 $3,200.00 Details
(Untitled Map of the World) Savigny 1587 $3,900.00 Details
(World & Continents) Nova Orbis Tabula In Lucem Edita . . . / Novissima et Accuratissima Septentrionalis ac Meridionalis America . . ./ Nova et Accurate divisa in Regna et Regiones praecipuas Europae Descriptio . . ./ Accuratissima totius Asiae Tabula . . ./ Totius Africae Accuratissima Tabula . De Wit 1689 ca $11,000.00 Details
(World Map) Sports of the Olympic Games Hammond & Co. 1960 $475.00 Details
(World) Rosaccio 1594 ca $875.00 Details
(World) Nova Delineatio Geographica generalis Apostolicarum peregrinationum S Francisci Xavierii Indiarum & Iaponiae Apostoli in Europa, Africa, Asia & in Mari Americiae Bouttats 1663 $875.00 Details
(World) . . . A.D. 1660 At The Restoration of the Stuarts Quin 1846 $575.00 Details
(World) 3 Years of War -- Sunday News, December 31, 1944 Sundberg 1944 $175.00 Details
(World) A.D 1783. At The Independence of the United States Quin 1846 $575.00 Details
(World) A.D. 1498 The Discovery of America Quin 1846 $475.00 Details
(World) A.D. 1551 At The Death of Charles V Quin 1846 $475.00 Details
A Correct Sea Chart of the Whole World, According to Wright's, Commonly Called Mercator's, Projection This Chart is Most Humbly Inscribed to the Right Hono.ble the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Cutler  / Halley  / Senex 1728 $2,900.00 Details
A General Chart Exhibiting the Discoveries made by Captn. James Cook in this and his two preceeding Voyages; with the Tracks of the Ships under his Command. By Lieut. Roberts of His Majesty's Royal Navy Faden 1794 $2,400.00 Details
A General Map of the World or Terraqueous Globe, with all the New Discoveries and Marginal Delineations, Containing the Most Interesting Particulars in the Solar, Starry and Mundane Systems . . . 1794 Dunn 1794 $5,400.00 Details
A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia Ohara 1904 $4,800.00 Details
A Map of the World, Drawn & Engraved from D'Anville's Two Sheet Map, with Improvements . . . 1788 Harrison 1788 $1,100.00 Details
A Mapp or Generall Carte of the World Designed in two Plaine Hemisphers, By Monsieur Sanson Geographr to the French King and Rendered into English and Illustrated with Figures by Richard Blome By the Kings Especiall Command Blome 1671 ca $3,400.00 Details
A New and Accurat Map of the World Drawne according to ye truest Descriptions lastest Discoveries & best observations yt have beene made by English or Strangers. 1651. Speed 1676 $14,000.00 Details
A New and Correct Map of the World Laid Down According to the Newest Discoveries, and from the Most Exact Observations ... Moll 1730 ca $5,400.00 Details
A New and Correct Map of the World Projected upon the Plane of the Horizon laid down from the Newest Discoveries and most Exact Observations. By Charles C. Price . . . 1714 Price   Willdey 1714 $7,500.00 Details