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Maps of New Zealand

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
New Zealand According to "The New Zealand Countries Act 1876" Johnston 1880 ca $245.00 Details
Map of the King Country and Neighbouring Districts in New Zealand from Explorations made by J.H. Kerry-Nichols April-May, 1883. Royal Geographical Society 1885 $145.00 Details
Railway Postal and Telegraph Map of the North Island New Zealand. 1889. Garran 1889 $245.00 Details
New Zealand (and) Tasmania Bartholomew 1890 ca $125.00 Details
Map of New Zealand, Tasmania and the Fiji Islands. Rand McNally & Company 1892 $125.00 Details
New Zealand Cram 1895 ca $175.00 Details
Missions Catholiques De La Melanesie, Micronesie et Polynesie (Oceanie) Journal Les Missions Catholiques 1896 $395.00 Details
The New Zealand Lakes from Surveys by Keith Lucase, B.A. Lucas   Royal Geographical Journal 1902 ca $375.00 Details
New Zealand Oil Fields Limited. . . Brett Printing Company 1910 ca $375.00 Details
Route of the Matson and Oceanic Line Hawaii - Samoa - Fiji - New Zealand - Australia Brindle 1950 ca $375.00 Details