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Maps of Australia

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Australie & Oceanie Liozu 1951 $225.00 Details
Route of the Matson and Oceanic Line Hawaii - Samoa - Fiji - New Zealand - Australia Brindle 1950 ca $375.00 Details
[Eastern Hemisphere / Australia / New Zealand /Hawaii: Air Mail Routes] Carte des lignes postales aeriennes internes et internationales Europe pubilee par le Bureau International de l'Union postale universelle Berne, Avril 1937 Bureau International de l'Union postale universell 1937 $175.00 Details
Carte des Missions Catholiques en Australie Journal Les Missions Catholiques 1906 $875.00 Details
Tasmania / Fiji Archipelago Stanford 1896 $125.00 Details
Queensland Stanford 1896 $125.00 Details
Australia (East) Stanford 1896 $145.00 Details
South Australia Stanford 1896 $95.00 Details
New South Wales Stanford 1896 $145.00 Details
Western Australia Stanford 1896 $125.00 Details
Missions Catholiques De La Melanesie, Micronesie et Polynesie (Oceanie) Journal Les Missions Catholiques 1896 $395.00 Details
New Zealand (and) Tasmania Bartholomew 1890 ca $125.00 Details
Bass Strait From the Surveys of Commander J.L. Stokes, and the Officers of H.M.S. Beagle 1839-43 With additions from the Surveys of the Australian Coast by Commanders H.L. Cox & G.B. Wilkinson R.N. 1864-67, Navg. Lieutt. H.J. Stanley R.N. 1868-73 and Commander Richard F. Hoskyn R.N. 1886-7. British Admiralty 1888 $1,600.00 Details
Australia (Southern Portion) Compiled from the latest information in the Hydrographic Office British Admiralty 1884 $1,400.00 Details
Thomas Elders' Expedition durch Inner-Australien vom Murchison im Westen, bis zum Neales im Osten, Ausgefuhrt Durch E. Giles, April-Aug. 1876. Petermann 1877 $245.00 Details
Thomas Elders' Expedition durch Inner-Australien von Beltana im Osten bis Perth im Westen, Ausgefuhrt Durch E. Giles, Mai-Nov. 1875 Petermann 1876 $245.00 Details
South Australia - St. Vincent and Spencer Gulfs Surveyed By Commander J. Hutchinson, R.N. & Staff Commr. F. Howard R.N., Navg. Lieut. M.S. Guy, Navg. Sub Lieuts. W.N. Goalen & H. Roxby R.N 1863-73 (Northern Section) British Admiralty 1873 (1913) $675.00 Details
South Coast of Australia (Victoria) Corner Inlet to Gabo Island Surveyed by Navg. Lieutt. H.J. Stanley R.N. 1871 British Admiralty 1872 $1,900.00 Details
Ports in the Gulf of St. Vincent and Encounter Bay Surveyed by Comr. J. Hutchinson R.N. and assisted by F. Howard & M.S. Guy Navl. Lieutts. R.N. 1869 (Port Victor, Port Elliott, Port Willunga and Port Noarlunga British Admiralty 1870 $975.00 Details
Sud-Ost-Australien . . . 1862 Stieler 1862 $55.00 Details