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A Chart of the Atlantic or Western Ocean . . . Wherein is delineated the Track of his Majesty's Fleet, Commanded by the late Viscount Nelson . . . 1807 01/31/2015 Faden 1807 $1,400.00 Details
A Chart of the Sea Coast from England to the Streights (Cadiz inset) 01/06/2015 Mount & Page 1740 ca $475.00 Details
A Chart of the Sea Coast of Spain from the Straits mouth to C. de Gat And of the Sea Coast of Barbary From the Straits mount to C. de Hone. 01/14/2015 Mount   &  Page 1720 ca $295.00 Details
A Correct Map of the Island of Minorca, with an Accurate Plan of Fort St. Philip & its Environs and the French approaches and Batteries in 1756 01/21/2015 Lodge 1781 $295.00 Details
A New Map of Ireland, Divided into its Provinces and Counties; Also the Opposite Coasts . . . Shewing The Several Ports from whence the Packets depart for Ireland . . . 1799 01/21/2015 Cary 1799 $475.00 Details
A New Map of the United Provinces, Comprehending Holland, Zealand, Utrecht, Gelders, Over Yssel, Friesland and Groningen; with the Lands of Drent, Dutch Flanders…. 01/29/2015 Cary 1799 $165.00 Details
A New Sea Chart of the Coast of Portugal and part of Spain, from Cape Finistre to the Burlings and from Burlings to Cape St. Vincent in two Projections. 01/14/2015 Mount   &  Page 1750 ca $295.00 Details
A Plan of London, Westmr. and Southwark wth ye Rivr Thames as they were survey’d and publish’t by Authority toward ye latter end of ye Reign of Queen Elizabeth; or about ye year of our Lord 1600 . . . 01/07/2015 Hatton 1708 $3,400.00 Details
A Proposed Plan of Wet Docks, in Wapping, &c., by Ralph Walker. 01/01/2015 Parliamentary Papers 1796 $675.00 Details
Achaia quae et Hellas hodie Livadia (with inset of Athens and Thebes) 01/30/2015 Cluverius 1697 $85.00 Details
Anciens Royaumes de Mercie, et East Angles ou sont les Comtes, ou Shiries de Chester, Darby, Nottingham, Lincolne, Rutland, Leicester, Stafford . . . Hereford, Worcester, Warwick, Northampton, Huntington, Buckingham, Bedford, Buckingham, Oxford, et Glocester en Mercie: Cambridge . . . 1654 01/01/2015 Sanson 1654 $295.00 Details
Anse de Gijon d'apres le Plan leve en 1787 par Tofino 1793 01/27/2015 Depot De La Marine 1793 $325.00 Details
Argonautica. Illustrissimo Principi Carolo Comiti Arenbergio, Baroni Septimontii, Domino Miravartii, Equiti Aurei Velleris, etc. . . . 01/04/2015 Ortelius 1609 $1,400.00 Details
Barbaryen tat de Ongelukkige Scheep-Togt van Francoys Brooks en syne Slaverney te Macquenes afgebakend 01/03/2015 Vander Aa 1707 $125.00 Details
Basileae Inclytae Rauracorum Urbis, ac eiusdem circumvicini agri situs exactissima delineato . . . 01/07/2015 De Jode 1578 (1593) $575.00 Details
Bowles's Reduced New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark, exhibiting New Buildings to 1797 01/29/2015 Bowles   &  Carver 1797 $750.00 Details
Britain, or the United Kingdom of England, Scotland & Ireland . . . 1807 01/26/2015 Wilkinson 1807 $145.00 Details
Britannicae Insulae in quibus Albium sive Britannia Maior Ivernia sive Britannia Minor tum et Orcades, Ebudes, Cassiterides . . . 1641 01/03/2015 Sanson  / Tavernier 1641 $475.00 Details
Caerte van Archangel ofte de Rivier de Duina, soo wel van 't Nieuwe als 't Oude Diep . . . 01/29/2015 Theunisz 1663 $1,100.00 Details
Carte De Pologne et des Estats qui en dependent . . . 01/14/2015 Du Val 1654 $1,500.00 Details