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Illustration Title Date Added Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
(World & Continents) Typus Orbis Terrarum / Americae Sive Novi Orbis Nova Descriptio / Asiae Nova Descriptio / Africae Tabula Nova / Europae 08/06/2015 Ortelius 1581 $17,500.00 Details
(Europe in the Shape of a Queen) Europa Prima Pars Terrae In Forma Virginis . . . 07/30/2015 Bunting 1581 (ca) $3,600.00 Details
Carte Nouvelle des Costes De Hollande, Zeelande, Flandre, Picardie &c. Normandie, depuis la Brie Le jusques a Dieppe avec une Partie des costes D'Angleterre . . .1693 08/20/2015 De Hooghe 1693 $3,200.00 Details
Venetia 08/04/2015 Scolari 1650 ca $2,800.00 Details
Venetia 07/29/2015 Merian 1636 $2,800.00 Details
[Manuscript Plan of Gibraltar] Plan of the Bay and Soundings & of the Rock and Town of Gibraltar with the Works, Batters and Encampment of the Spanish Army on the 19th of October 1782, The position of the Combined Fleet, and the attack by the Battering Ships on September 13 of the Same Year. 08/03/2015 Reiner 1810 ca $2,800.00 Details
Constantinopolis 08/28/2015 Schedel 1493 $2,700.00 Details
Cambridgshire described with the devision of the hundreds, the Townes situation with the Armes of the Colleges of that famous Universiti: 08/04/2015 Speed 1676 $2,400.00 Details
Islandia 08/11/2015 Quad 1596 $2,200.00 Details
A New Mapp of the Kingdome of England, Representing the Princedome of Wales, and other Provinces, Cities, Market Towns, with the Roads from Town to Town. And the Number of reputed Miles between tehm, are given by Inspection without Scale or Compass. 08/25/2015 Visscher  / Overton 1695 ca $1,400.00 Details
Eigentlicher Entwurff der Grossen unde Kleinen Insul Schutt . . . 08/14/2015 Anonymous 1680 ca $1,400.00 Details
A Birds-Eye View of the Town, Harbours & Forts of Odessa. Taken From The Illustrations of the Imperial Survey of the Ports of the Black Sea. . . . 08/06/2015 Whittock 1855 $1,200.00 Details
Hispaniae Nova Describtio, De Integro Multis In Locis, Secundum Hydrographicas Desc. Emendata 07/30/2015 Kaerius  / Hondius 1619 $1,200.00 Details
Novissima et Accuratissima totius Italiae Corsicae et Sardiniae Descriptio . . . 08/11/2015 Danckerts 1690 $1,100.00 Details
Scotiae Regnum 08/26/2015 Mercator 1623 ca $975.00 Details
Regno di Persia con le notitie Provincie Antiche, che piu probabilmente corrispondono alle Divisioni moderne d'esso Regno . . . 1679 08/22/2015 Cantelli da Vignola  - Rossi 1679 $975.00 Details
Magnus Ducatus Lituaniae in suos Palatinatus et Districtus Divisus. delineatus a Rever Patre Ioanne Nieprecki Soc. Jesu Simuluque exactiore locarum positione quantum fiere potuit correctus a Tobias Majero . . . 08/15/2015 Homann Heirs 1749 $975.00 Details
Partie De Lithuanie ou est le Palatinat de Nowogrodeck Litawiski, subdvise en ses Chastellenies. le Palatinat de Bressici en Polesie Avec les Duches de Neswies, et Slusck, et Partie du Palatinat de . . 1665 08/06/2015 Sanson 1665 $975.00 Details
Constantinopel des Griechischen Lenserchumbs Hauptstatt/im Land Thracia am moere gelegen 08/19/2015 Munster 1570 ca $975.00 Details
[Venice] Conerasehtung der f├╝rnemen Statt Venedig/sampt den umliigneden Inseln 08/09/2015 Munster 1560 ca $975.00 Details