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Maps of Turkey

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
[Mapsheet with 10 inset plans of Mediterranean ports.] (Includes Famagusta!) Halley  / Cutler  / Senex 1728 $325.00 Details
The Severn or Channel of Bristol [with a chart of the Irish Sea.] Halley  / Cutler  / Senex 1728 $295.00 Details
Turkey in Asia or Asia Minor &c. Agreeable to Modern History . . . Moll 1729 $125.00 Details
Constantinopolis amplissima, potentissima, et magnificentissima Urbs et sedes Imperatoris Turcici in Provincia Romania ad Bosphorum Thraciae sita . . . Seutter 1730 ca $2,800.00 Details
Imperium Turcicum in Europa, Asia, et Africa Regiones Proprias, Tributarias, Clientelares sicut et omens ejusdem . . . Homann 1737 $750.00 Details
Imperii Turcici Europaei Terra in primis Graecia . . . 1741 (shows Cyprus) Homann Heirs 1741 $475.00 Details
Nouvelle Carte de la Mer Mediterranee Juscques au Cap S. Vincent et Cap Cantin Olivier 1746 $9,500.00 Details
Turquie Asiatique . . . 1748 (shows Cyprus) De Vaugondy 1749 $125.00 Details
Hungary with Turky in Europe [shows Cyprus] Jefferys 1754 $125.00 Details
A New and accurate Plan of Constantinople from a late Survey Universal Magazine 1770 $245.00 Details
A Correct Plan of Constantinople with the Adjacent Country, from An Actual Survey London Magazine 1770 $245.00 Details
Carte De La Turquie De L'Arabie et De La Perse, ou se voit tout l'Empire des Turcs . . . 1770 Dezauche 1770 $395.00 Details
A Map of the Propontis or Sea of Marmora With its two Streights Viz. Bosphorus and Hellespont wherein the Capes, Gulfs, Harbours, Towns Villages, Cottages, Fountains and Ruins upon those Coasts are exactly described, Done from a Draught made upon the Spot By P.D. Bohn . . . Dury 1770 $3,600.00 Details
Turcia Asiatica exhibens Natoliam Modernam….Georgiae, Armeniae, Mesopotamiae, Syriae aet Arabiae…1771 [shows Cyprus] Homann Heirs 1771 $475.00 Details
A Correct Map of the Ottoman Empire Including all the Countries, Possessed by, or Tributary to the Turks, In Europe, Asia, & Africa,.... (Shows Cyprus) Bowen 1777 $275.00 Details
Asia Minor In Suas Partes, Seu Provincias Divisa . . . Santini 1778 $375.00 Details
Carte de la Grece Dressee sur un grand nombre de memoires anciens et nouveaux, Sur ceux de Mrs. Whele et Tournefort . . . 1780 [includes Cyprus] Dezauche 1780 $175.00 Details
Turquie D'Europe . . . (Large Cyprus) Santini 1780 ca $295.00 Details
Landkaart van Klein Asie door Dr. Richard Pococke (shows Cyprus) Pococke 1781 $375.00 Details
Turquie d'Europe Lattre 1783 $125.00 Details