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Maps of the British Isles

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
London and Westminster in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, Anno. Dom. 1563 Neele 1780 $475.00 Details
England and Wales Drawn from the most accurate Surveys . . . . By John Rocque Sayer 1780 $475.00 Details
Plan of the Bay, Rock and Town of Gibraltar, from and Actual Survey by and Officer who was at Gibraltar from 1769 to 1775, with the Works, Batteries and Incampments of the Spanish Army on the 19th of Octor. 1782 . . . Faden 1783 $750.00 Details
A North View of Gibraltar, and the Isthmus on which the Spaniards are carrying on their approaches (with Manuscript Key) Anonymous 1785 ca $125.00 Details
L'Angleterre divisee en 5 grandes Parties, subdivisees en 52 Comtes; et partagee en 2 Provinces Ecclesiastiques . . . 1786 Brion de la Tour 1786 $125.00 Details
Les Isles Britanniques Comprenant les Royaumes D'Angleterre D'Ecosse et D'Irlande, Divises en Grandes Provinces Subdivise par Comptes . . . 1791 Janvier 1791 $295.00 Details
Monmouthshire Cary 1793 $26.00 Details
Regni Angliae et Principatus Cambriae Tabula Nova . . . MDCCLXXXXIII Homann Heirs 1793 $225.00 Details
Karte von GrossBritannien und Ireland. Nach Kitchin, Dorret und Jefferys . . . von Reilly 1794 $750.00 Details
Das Konigreich Scotland von Reilly 1794 $125.00 Details
A Map Exhibiting the Dark Shadow of the Moon over England and Other Parts of Europe, In the Five Great Solar Eclipes, Of the Years, 1715, 1724, 1737, 1748 and 1764 . . . Laurie & Whittle 1794 $1,200.00 Details
A Proposed Plan of Wet Docks, in Wapping, &c., by Ralph Walker. Parliamentary Papers 1796 $675.00 Details
A Plan of the Town and Fortifications of Gibraltar with the Spanish Lines, &c. Sayer   Bennett 1796 $475.00 Details
Political, Historical, Astronomical and Commercial, Chart of Europe. To Shew relatively the Situation of Places by the Rays of the Sun, the Rumb of the Wind and the hours of the Day, from the Meridian to the Parallel of London, on which are delineated the Zones and Climates . . . Andrews 1797 $2,800.00 Details
La Parte Meridionale dell' Inghiterra E Del Principato Di Galles . . .1795 Cassini 1797 $125.00 Details
Karta öfver Nordsjön, Grundad på säkra Astronomiske observationer, Trigon. och Hydrogr. mätningar, Chartor och Beskrifningar. Til befrämjandet af Sjöfarandes säkerhet författad och utgifven af Gustaf Klint Stockholm 1797 Klint 1797 $750.00 Details
Bowles's Reduced New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark, exhibiting New Buildings to 1797 Bowles   &  Carver 1797 $750.00 Details
A New and Correct Chart of The North Sea Drawn From The Latest Surveys, &c. By John Hamilton Moore. Moore 1799 $1,400.00 Details
Carte Du Royaume D'Angleterre Divise en ses principales Provinces Berthelon 1799 ca $45.00 Details
British Isles Cooke 1801 $165.00 Details