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Maps of the British Isles

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
( London Underground ) London The Heart of the British Empire Here Is Spread Out For Your View Gill 1914 $2,400.00 Details
(1st English Map with Flaps) To Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, This Plan of the Battle of Thonhausen gained August 1, 1759, by His Britannic Majesty's Army, under the command of His Serene Highness over the French Army Commanded by Marshal Contades . . . By William Roy Captain of Engineer . . . Roy 1760 $4,800.00 Details
(Portugaliae Pars - Showing a Naval Battle between English Armada and the Spanish Galleons off the Coast of Portugal) Keller 1600 ca $2,500.00 Details
A Chart Describing Part of the Coast of Great-Britain, From South Foreland to Berwick Halley  / Cutler  / Senex 1728 $575.00 Details
A Chart of Part of ye Sea Coast of England, Holland & Flanders &c. . . . According to Capt. G. Collins Moll 1730 ca $125.00 Details
A Chart of the Channel Between England & France and also Part of the Coast Sands & Banks Between England and Holland. Moll 1720 ca $295.00 Details
A Chart of the Sea Coast from England to the Streights (Cadiz inset) Mount & Page 1740 ca $475.00 Details
A Chart Shewing the Several Places of Action between the English and Spanish Fleets, with the Places where several of the Spanish Ships were destroyed in their return to Spain Pine 1739 $2,400.00 Details
A Compleat Map of the British Isles, or Great Britain And Ireland; with their respective Roads and Divisions . . . 1772 Sayer 1775 $325.00 Details
A Correct Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster & Borough of Southwark including the Bills of Mortality with the Additional Buildings Bell 1761 $575.00 Details
A Draught of the Bristol Channel from the Holmes to King Road, including the River Avon. Taken from Capt. Holliday's Survey of the Said River ketp in ye. Merchants Hall at Bristol. Cutler  / Halley  / Senex 1728 $375.00 Details
A Draught of the Northern Navigation according to Mercators Projection. Halley  / Cutler  / Senex 1728 $375.00 Details
A General Map of England & Wales Divided into its Counties, Corrected from the best Surveys and Astronl Observations . . . 1777 Sayer   &  Bennett 1777 $245.00 Details
A General Plott and Description of the Fennes and Surounded Grounds in the Sixe Counties of Norfolke, Suffolke, Cambridge, with in the Isle of Ely, Huntington, Northampton and Lincolne etc. Hondius 1632 $245.00 Details
A Globular Chart Shewing the Errors of Plain, and the Deficiencyes of Mercators Sailing; and Discovering the true Navigation according to the Globe. Invented and Performed by John Harris, John Senex & Henry Wilson Cutler  / Halley  / Senex 1728 $975.00 Details
A Large Draught of the Downes Shewing the Sands Shoales Depths of Water and Anchorage with all the Leading marks to Avoide the Dangers therein Survey'd by Capt. Wm. Nunn Mount & Page 1750 ca $375.00 Details
A Map Exhibiting the Dark Shadow of the Moon over England and Other Parts of Europe, In the Five Great Solar Eclipes, Of the Years, 1715, 1724, 1737, 1748 and 1764 . . . Laurie & Whittle 1794 $1,200.00 Details
A Map of England and Wales for the Complete History of England Kitchin 1757 ca $145.00 Details
A Map of the County of Devon, with the City & County of Exeter . . . Donn 1765 $5,400.00 Details
A New and Correct Chart of The North Sea Drawn From The Latest Surveys, &c. By John Hamilton Moore. Moore 1799 $1,400.00 Details