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Maps of the Baltic

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Mer Baltique - Etats Scandinaves Bergalin 1940 $375.00 Details
Lituania Raggio 1939 $145.00 Details
Chart of the Baltic From Admiralty & Russian Surveys (with insets of Riga, Reval, Port Baltic, Sveaborg, and Cronstadt / St. Petersburg Desilver 1857 $125.00 Details
Kronstat From The Russian Survey . . . British Admiralty 1853 $165.00 Details
Prussia Tallis 1851 $145.00 Details
Baltic Sea Rapkin 1851 $245.00 Details
Mar Baltico sue Isole E Paesi Circostanti Suezia, Norvegia, Danimarca, Prussia, Curlandia, Livonia, Estonia, Ingria e Finlandia . . . Marmocchi 1850 ca $175.00 Details
Poland and Lithuania Lizars 1828 ca $265.00 Details
Germany. Prussian Dominions and Independent States Lizars 1828 $125.00 Details
Europe No. 9. Partie De La Russie D'Europe [Finland, Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Poland, Russia] Vandermaelen 1825 $165.00 Details
Chart of the North and Baltic Seas [insets of St. Petersburg, Heligoland and Revel] Thomson 1817 $275.00 Details
Poland. Thomson 1817 $245.00 Details
The North Sea with The Kattegat from the Chart of Messrs. De Verdun, Borda and Pingre made Publice in 1777, By order of Louis XVI . . . 1796 Faden 1813 $695.00 Details
A New Map of Poland, and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Shewing their Dismemberments and Divisions Between Austria, Russia and Prussia in 1772, 1793 and 1795… Cary 1808 $450.00 Details
Special Charte vom Herzogthum Pommern nebst den Angranzenden Landern von Mecklenberg der Ucker unde Neumark Westpreussen und Netzdistrict . . . 1804 Schneider 1804 $575.00 Details
A General Chart of the Baltic or East Sea, including the Gulfs of Botnia and Finland . . . Faden 1803 $395.00 Details
Chart of the Straits Between Denmark and Sweden, Shewing The Passage From the Kattegat Through the Sound, To Copenhagen Road . . . to the Entrance of the Baltic. Compiled from the Maritime Surveys of Professor C.C. Lous and Admiral J. Nordenakar Faden 1801 $595.00 Details
Allgemeine Postkarte von Russland zur Uebersicht / Compendium Mappae Itinerariae, Quae Regna Et Provincias Imperii Russici Repraesentat von Reilly 1799 $875.00 Details
A New Map of Germany, Divided Into Its Circles; viz. The Upper and Lower Rhine, Sabia, Austria, Bavaria, Upper and Lower Saxony . . . With the Kingdom of Bohemia . . . 1799 Cary 1799 $125.00 Details
Map of the North West Part of Russia Neele 1797 $65.00 Details