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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Table des Climata (manuscript table) Anonymous Manuscript Map 1750 ca $165.00 Details
Table of Mountain Chains, Together With The Altitudes of Their Princpal Summits Lizars 1831 ca $125.00 Details
Tableau Analystique des differentes positions de la Sphere, des differens systemes, des revolutions, et des distances des Planetes . . . 1823 Delamarche 1823 $375.00 Details
Tabula Anemographica seu Pyxis Nautica ventorum nomina sex linguis repraesentans Jansson 1650 ca $4,800.00 Details
Tabula Selenographica in qua Lunarium Macularum exacta Descriptio secundum Nomenclaturam . . . Hevelii quam Riccioli Homann 1707 ca $1,200.00 Details
Tanger [with] Sale Mallet 1683 $20.00 Details
Tecki Mallet 1683 $35.00 Details
The Constellations for each month of the Year Northern Circumpolar Map Burritt 1835 $145.00 Details
The Drunkard Pushed into the Pigsty. Bruegel  / Wierix 1568 ca $3,800.00 Details
The Great Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations, Opened by Her Majesty Queen Victoria . . . Tallis 1851 $75.00 Details
The Great Pictorial Romance of the Age or Steam Ship Commodores & United States Mail Contractors Gildersleave 1858 $475.00 Details
The Maritime Flags of All Nations. Copley 1851 $3,500.00 Details
The White House -- Ciampa & Sons Rodi (Italy) Follette 1880 ca $245.00 Details
The World In Hemispheres with Comparative views of the heights of the Principal Mountains Lengths of the Principal Rivers On The Globe Johnston 1854 $375.00 Details
Theoria Lunae, Eius Motum Per Eccentricum Et Epicyclum Demonstrans Cellarius 1661 $1,200.00 Details
Theoria Solis Per Eccentricum Sine Epicyclo Cellarius 1661 $1,900.00 Details
Theoria Veneris Et Mercurii Cellarius 1660 (1708) $795.00 Details
Theoriatrium Superiorum Planetarum Cellarius 1660 (1708) $975.00 Details
Totius Europae Littora Novissime adita. Pascaert vertoonende alle de See-custen van Europa [Unrecorded Proof State!] De Wit  / Renard 1710 ca $6,500.00 Details
Trade Card: John Winning the North-Side of St. Pals, Church-Yard near Cheapside, London 1750 ca $125.00 Details