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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Table of the Comparative Heights of the Principal Mountains &c in the World Finley 1829 $75.00 Details
Table of Mountain Chains, Together With The Altitudes of Their Princpal Summits Lizars 1831 ca $125.00 Details
Sacred To The Memory Of The Illustrious Champion of Liberty General George Washington Donlevy 1832 ca $575.00 Details
Arbre Geographique, contenant Les Etablissements des Jesuites par toute la Terre et la Nombre des Sujets qui composen cette Societe, Tire d'un Catalogue envoye de Rome en 1762 . . . Crétineau-Joly 1844 $475.00 Details
(Trade Card) Dickinson & Co's Establishment For Type Founding, Stereotyping, and Printing Is at No. 52 Washington Street, Boston. Dickinson 1845 ca $125.00 Details
System Du Monde 1850 ca $295.00 Details
(Act of Agreement Broadside. Maritime Document) Bowne & Co. 1850 ca $245.00 Details
Mouvements Apparens Du Soleil, Theorie Des Saisons . . . Andriveau-Goujon 1850 ca $245.00 Details
A Comparative View of the Principal Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes, Rivers, and Mountains in the Western Hemisphere Tallis 1851 $195.00 Details
A Comparative View of the Principal Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes, Rivers, and Mountains in the Eastern Hemisphere Tallis 1851 $175.00 Details
The Great Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations, Opened by Her Majesty Queen Victoria . . . Tallis 1851 $75.00 Details
The Maritime Flags of All Nations. Copley 1851 $3,500.00 Details
The World In Hemispheres with Comparative views of the heights of the Principal Mountains Lengths of the Principal Rivers On The Globe Johnston 1854 $375.00 Details
The Great Pictorial Romance of the Age or Steam Ship Commodores & United States Mail Contractors Gildersleave 1858 $475.00 Details
Comparative Size of Lakes and Islands [Great Lakes, Cuba, Formosa, Ireland, Sicily, Cyprus, Vancouver, Sandwich Islands, Puerto Rico, Corsica, Sardinia, Balearics, Malta, etc] Colton 1859 $75.00 Details
Mountains & Rivers Colton 1859 $175.00 Details
1er Tableau D'Histoire Naturelle Mamiferes Et Oiseaux Par Henri Duval… Duval 1860 ca? $125.00 Details
Mountains & Rivers Johnson   &  Browning 1861 $145.00 Details
Mountains & Rivers Johnson   &  Ward 1863 $145.00 Details
[San Francisco Clipper Ship.] Strictly A 1 Extreme Clipper Ship. Coleman's California Line for San Francisco. The George Peabody Nesbitt & Co 1863 ca $1,750.00 Details