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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
[Asia in the Form of Pegasus] Bunting 1581 ca $38,600.00 Details
Leo Belgicus Van Den Keere 1617 $19,500.00 Details
Leo Belgicus (Heightened in Gold) Aitzinger 1588 $12,500.00 Details
Summer Sports in USSR Nesterova-Berzina 1935 ca $6,500.00 Details
Totius Europae Littora Novissime adita. Pascaert vertoonende alle de See-custen van Europa [Unrecorded Proof State!] De Wit  / Renard 1710 ca $6,500.00 Details
(1st English Map with Flaps) To Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, This Plan of the Battle of Thonhausen gained August 1, 1759, by His Britannic Majesty's Army, under the command of His Serene Highness over the French Army Commanded by Marshal Contades . . . By William Roy Captain of Engineer . . . Roy 1760 $4,800.00 Details
Idea Dell' Universo [2 Sheet Cosmographical Chart] Coronelli 1690 ca $4,800.00 Details
Secuda etas mundi Schönsperger 1497 $4,800.00 Details
Tabula Anemographica seu Pyxis Nautica ventorum nomina sex linguis repraesentans Jansson 1650 ca $4,800.00 Details
A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia Ohara 1904 $4,800.00 Details
Planisphaerium Copernicanum Sive Systema Universi Totius Creati Ex Hypothesi Copernicana In Plano Exhibitum Cellarius 1660 (1708) $4,500.00 Details
[Planetarum Effectus et eorum in signis Zodiaci…]: Sol - Luna - Mercurius - Venus - Mars - Iupiter - Saturnus. de Vos 1585 (1650 ca) $4,500.00 Details
The Drunkard Pushed into the Pigsty. Bruegel  / Wierix 1568 ca $3,800.00 Details
The Maritime Flags of All Nations. Copley 1851 $3,500.00 Details
A Geographical Chart: or, A Scheme, Comprehending The Most Important Particulars Relative To The Geography of North and South-America. : Designed to be an Auxiliary to the Student. Carefully Compiled from the Best authorities, by Amos Bingham [Copy-Right Secured] Bingham  / Barber 1805 $3,500.00 Details
Le cours de tems ou tableau de l'histoire universelle depuis l'Antiquite la plus reculee jusqu'a nos jours. D'apres la Carte Chronologique de Frederic Strass. . . Termine en Fevrier 1809. Hocquart 1815 ca $3,200.00 Details
[Allegorical Map of Love!] Representation Symbolique et ingenieuse projettée en Siege et en Bombardement, comme il faut empecher prudemment les attaques de L'amour. Seutter 1730 ca $2,900.00 Details
[Celestial Map of the Southern Hemisphere] Pardies 1690 $2,800.00 Details
Pars Globi terrestris Ao. 1492 a Martino Behaim Equite Lusitano Norimbergae confecti Delineavit Christoph. Theoph de Murr 1778 de Murr 1794 $2,800.00 Details
Sphaera Armillaris Copernicana [Rare Broadside of the Leiden Sphere] Vander Aa 1711 $2,400.00 Details