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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Seattle -- A Glimpse of the Water Front 1890 ca $375.00 Details
Map of Mission Bay Park Tract. July 1912. H.D. Trounce, C.E. O.B. Wetzell Company General Agents 1912 $475.00 Details
Perspective Map of the City of Helena, Mont. Capital of State, County Seat of Lewis & Clark Co. 1890. American Publishing Co. 1890 $1,800.00 Details
Ione Stevens County, Washington Anonymous 1920 ca $89.00 Details
Catalina Island -- California's Magic Isle Anonymous 1925 $125.00 Details
Cataline Eye Land -- Avalon Bay Anonymous 1926 $145.00 Details
2 Pencil Sketches of Avalon, Catalina Island, California Anonymous 1890 ca $575.00 Details
City of Georgetown, Colo. Anonymous 1900 ca $25.00 Details
Plat of the Town Site of Helena As entered at the U.S. Land Office. Lewis & Clarke Co. M.T. Drawn by A.F.L. August 7th 1882. Anonymous Manuscript Map 1882 $4,500.00 Details
Plano del Puerto de San Diego de la California Septentrional [with] Plano del Puerto de San Blas en las Costas del Estado de Xalisco.. Arrowsmith 1825 $780.00 Details
A Complete Map of Los Angeles Area and Guide To Olympic Games Atwood 1932 $575.00 Details
Sacramento-City in Californien Aus d. Kunstanst. d. Bibl. Inst 1849 ca $145.00 Details
Bancroft's Official Guide Map of the City and County of San Francisco, Compiled from Official Sources in Surveyor's Office . . . 1883 Bancroft & Co. 1883 $495.00 Details
San Francisco. 1850. Bill 1850 $475.00 Details
San Francisco. 1852. Bill 1854 $475.00 Details
Sonoma California Black Wing Press 1952 $345.00 Details
Plan of the Streets City of Oakland adopted by the Council of the City of Oakland by Ordinance Nov. 16th 1868. Approved by the Mayor Nov. 20th 1868. (Manuscript Plan) Boardman 1868 $6,800.00 Details
View of Proposed Trinity Church - San Francisco - California. . . . Burton 1852 ca $675.00 Details
Master Plan | Rancho Santa Fe - La Costa | San Diego County California . . . August 1929 Cheney 1929 $9,500.00 Details
Map of San Francisco Showing Expiration Dates of Privately Owned Street Railway Franchises Citizens Transportation Committee 1928 $495.00 Details