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City Plans & Views of Eastern US Cities

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Der Niagara -- Prairie zum siebenten Bande der New-Yorker, Criminal-Zeitung Girsch 1855 ca $2,800.00 Details
Map of the Partition Among The Heirs At Law of Gerard Stuyvesant, Decd. of a portion of the lands in the City of New York, of which he died seized. Miller's Lithography 1856 $1,500.00 Details
Boston Hill 1857 $1,800.00 Details
Roanoke Red Sulphur Spr. Roanoke Ct. Beyer 1857 $675.00 Details
A View of Fort George with the City of New-York from the S.W. 1740 Valentine's Manual 1858 $345.00 Details
Larrance's Cincinnati City Guide By Which A Person Can Find A Street In The Queen City in a Moment. Hickenlooper 1860 $2,800.00 Details
Map of New York And the Adjacent Cities Colton 1860 $225.00 Details
Map of the Five Cities of New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Hoboken & Hudson City… 1860… [Plate No. 1 & Plate No. 2] Dripps   &  Valentine's Manual 1860 $825.00 Details
Colton's The City of Savannah Georgia [with] Colton's The City of Charleston South Carolina Colton 1860 $125.00 Details
Map of the Five Cities of New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Hoboken & Hudson City… 1860… Dripps 1860 $245.00 Details
Johnson's Georgetown and The City of Washington The Capital of the United States of America Johnson   &  Ward 1862 $225.00 Details
Topographical Map of the Original District of Columbia and Environs: Showing the Fortifications Around the City of Washington. . . 1862 Arnold 1862 $29,500.00 Details
Plan of the City of Washington. The Capitol of the United States of America. Mitchell Jr. 1863 $165.00 Details
Plan of New York &c. Mitchell Jr. 1864 $195.00 Details
Genl. Grant’s Campaign War Map. Richmond Petersburg and Vicinity. [With contemporary manuscript annotations.] Bufford 1864 $2,800.00 Details
Map of the Consolidated City of Brooklyn 1864 . . . Brown & Co. 1864 $975.00 Details
Plan of Philadelphia Mitchell Jr. 1865 $75.00 Details
[Collect Pond and Tribeca, Manhattan] Map of Property Lying on Each Side of Broadway Formerly Known as the Calk Hook Accurately made from Old Deeds Maps and other Reliable Sources. Bute Holmes 1865 $2,200.00 Details
Map of the East & West De Lancey Farms, showing the Perimeter Streets as surveyed under its original owner, James De Lancey, Esq. also the present Streets and Perimeter as laid down on the Maps In The Registers Office. Bute Holmes 1865 $2,500.00 Details
(Boston) Plan of Fort Hill Showing Improvements as Proposed by the Committee on Laying out and Widening Streets . . . 1886 Meisel 1866 $1,400.00 Details