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City Plans & Views of Eastern US Cities

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Boston and Bunker Hill from the East Anonymous 1850 ca $19.00 Details
Vicinity of New York Anonymous 1880 ca $125.00 Details
[Asheville, North Carolina -- Untitled Manuscript Map of Lots on Montford Avenue and Pearson Drive) Anonymous Manuscript Map 1892 ca $325.00 Details
Topographical Map of the Original District of Columbia and Environs: Showing the Fortifications Around the City of Washington. . . 1862 Arnold 1862 $29,500.00 Details
Norton, Massachusetts. 1891 Bailey 1876 $1,900.00 Details
Oxford, Massachusetts. 1891 Bailey 1891 $1,800.00 Details
Map of Central Portions of the Cities of New York and Brooklyn Beers, Comstock & Cline 1873 $295.00 Details
Plan De La Ville De Boston et ses Environs Bellin 1764 $395.00 Details
Roanoke Red Sulphur Spr. Roanoke Ct. Beyer 1857 $675.00 Details
Blanchard's Map of Chicago with the New Street Names 1899. Blanchard 1899 $450.00 Details
Panorama of Manhattan Island, City of New York and Environs. Bornet 1854 $12,500.00 Details
Panorama of Manhattan Island, City of New York and Environs. Bornet 1854 $12,500.00 Details
Central Part of Boston Elevated Railway System Showing Connections. 1904 Boston Elevated Railway Co.  / Plimpton 1904 $675.00 Details
Map of Norfolk, Va. and Vicinity. Published by Sam Bowman Manufacturing Stationer Norfolk, Va. 1891. Bowman 1891 $275.00 Details
New York Bradford 1838 $125.00 Details
Washington (with) New Orleans (and) Louisville and Jeffersonville (and) Cincinnati Bradford 1838 $75.00 Details
Baltimore Bradford 1846 $195.00 Details
Philadelphia Bradford 1841 $175.00 Details
This Map of the City of New York and Island of Manhattan as laid out by the Commissioners appointed by the Legislature April 3d. 1807 is Respectfully Dedicated to the Mayor, Alderman and Commonalty thereof By their most Obedient Servant Wm. Bridges City Surveyor Bridges 1811 (1900) $4,500.00 Details
Map of the Consolidated City of Brooklyn 1864 . . . Brown & Co. 1864 $975.00 Details