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City Plans & Views of Asian Cities

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Calechut Celeberrimum Indiae Emporium / Ormus / Canonor / S. George Oppidum Mina.... Braun   &  Hogenberg 1572 $875.00 Details
(Guangzhou / Canton) Kantonis Plana effigies Nieuhof 1669 $575.00 Details
A Map and History of Peiping; formerly known as Peking; capital of provinces, princedoms and kingdoms since 1121 B.C.; in 1264 A.D. the capital of the Mongol Empire of Kublai Khan; made the capital of the Ming Empire through the Ming and Ching Dynasties. . . Dorn 1936 $2,800.00 Details
A New and accurate Plan of Constantinople from a late Survey Universal Magazine 1770 $245.00 Details
A View of the Town and Castle of Macao Bowen 1744 $395.00 Details
Accurate Vorstellung der Orientalisch Kayserlichen Haupt- und Residenz-Stadt Constantinopel samt ihrer Gegend und Zweyen Beruhmten Meer-Engen, Bosphoro Thracio und Hellesponto, oder dem Freto der Dardanellen Homann 1720 $1,400.00 Details
Astjien Valentijn 1728 ca $221.00 Details
Byzantium Nunc Constantinopolis Braun   &  Hogenberg 1572 $3,600.00 Details
Carte des Environs Batavia Schley 1770 $195.00 Details
Carte Du District De Tranquebar || Caart Des Regtsgebieds van Trankenbar Schley 1770 $221.00 Details
Ceylon -- S.W. Coast -- Colombo Harbour From Surveys supplied by Sir. John Coode, C.E. 1878 to 1896. Coastline and Topography chiefly from a plan publisehd by the Marine Survey Department, Calcutta, 1878. British Admiralty 1896 $475.00 Details
Constantinopel Anonymous   $1,600.00 Details
Constantinopel des Griechischen Lenserchumbs Hauptstatt/im Land Thracia am moere gelegen Münster 1570 ca $750.00 Details
Constantinople. Stambool. SDUK 1840 $225.00 Details
Constantinopolis Schedel 1493 $2,400.00 Details
Constantinopolis Schedel  / Schönsperger 1496 $750.00 Details
Coylang Nieuhof 1680 ca $149.00 Details
Damascus, urbs nobilissima ad Libanum montem Totius Syriae Metropolis: Braun   &  Hogenberg 1588 $795.00 Details
De Stadt Dabul Valentijn 1728 ca $203.00 Details
Fu Cheu Fu ou Hoksyeu Capitale de Fo Kyen, tiree de Montanus Bellin 1750 $125.00 Details