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Asian Islands

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Carte Des Vicariats Apostoliques de L'Inde e de L'Indo-Chine 1880 ca $1,800.00 Details
Plan of the Bay and Harbour of Trincomalay, on the Island of Ceylon, Surveed in 1762. By the Order of Admiral Cornish . .. 1794 $475.00 Details
India (with insets of India Ptolemaei and Dachinabades et Taprobane 1850 ca $149.00 Details
Reges Hierusalem et Cyrpi . . . Albizzi 1612 ca $475.00 Details
India di la del Fiume Ganges overo di Malacca Siam Cambodia Chiampa Kochinkina Laos Pegu Ava &c. Albrizzi 1740 Price on Request Details
(Borneo, Celebes, Papua New Guinea, Timor, etc.) (Southeastern Quadrant from Chart of the East India Islands, Exhibiting the several Passages between the Indian and Pacific Oceans; Inscribed to the Commanders and Officers of the British Ships Navigating those Seas, By A. Arrowsmith.) Arrowsmith 1799 $1,600.00 Details
Carte de la Baye de Trinquemale Bellin 1757 $167.00 Details
Suite de la Carte de L'Inde en deca du Gange IIe. Feuille . . . Bellin 1752 $145.00 Details
Carte des Nouvelles Philippines Bellin 1750 ca $145.00 Details
Carte Reduite De L'Ocean Oriental ou Mer Des Indes Seconde Edition Pour Servir aux Vaisseau du Roy . . . Par order de M. De. Machault . . . MDCC LVII Bellin 1757 $1,200.00 Details
Seconda Tavola (Indian Ocean, India, Arabia, Maldives, Persia, Pakistan etc.) Bertelli 1565 $9,500.00 Details
Sumatra Insula (Singapore named) Bertius 1616 $395.00 Details
To the Merchants & Ship Owners of the United Kingdom Great Britain & Ireland This New Chart of the Indian & Pacific Oceans, Intended to commemorate the opening of the Free Trade to the East Indies Drawn From the latest & best Surveys & Authorities. . . New Edition. 1848. Blachford & Co. 1830 (1848) $6,500.00 Details
China Sea Gaspar Strait Surveyed by Officers of the United States Navy 1854. British Admiralty 1866 $750.00 Details
Hong Kong surveyed by Captn. Sir Edward Belcher, in H.M.S. Sulphur 1841 British Admiralty 1843 (1846) $24,500.00 Details
Ceylon -- S.W. Coast -- Colombo Harbour From Surveys supplied by Sir. John Coode, C.E. 1878 to 1896. Coastline and Topography chiefly from a plan publisehd by the Marine Survey Department, Calcutta, 1878. British Admiralty 1896 $475.00 Details
Isole Dell'India cioe le Moucche la Filippine e della Sonda Parte de Paesi di nuova scoperta e l'Isole de Ladri ne Mare del Zud . . Cantelli da Vignola  - Rossi 1683 $2,800.00 Details
Penisola Dell India di qua dal Gange et Isole intorno ad essa adiacenti . . . 1683 Cantelli da Vignola  - Rossi 1683 $1,800.00 Details
Carte de l'Ile de Java: Partie Occidentale, Partie Orientale, Dressee tout Nouvellement . . . Chatelain 1718 $1,900.00 Details
Le Royaume Fe Siam Avec les Royaumes qui luy sont Tributares et les Isles de Sumatra, Andemaon, etc. et les Isles Voisine Avec les Observations des Six Peres Jesuits . . . Chatelain 1719 $750.00 Details