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Maps of India

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
A Compleat Map of the East Indies, exhibiting The English Territorial Acquisitions . . . 1774 Dunn 1794 $295.00 Details
The Coast of India from Point Jigat to Cape Ramas, Includng The Coasts of Guzarat and Concan, with the Gulf of Cambay . . . 1794 Laurie & Whittle 1794 $375.00 Details
An Accurate Map of Hindostan and India, from the best Authorities Carey 1795 $1,655.00 Details
The Peninsula of India, from the Kistnah River to Cape Comorin; Exhibiting the Partition of the Territories of the late Tippoo Sultaun, According to the Treaty of 1792, made by the Marquis Cornwallis; and that of 1799 made by the Marquis Wellesley. London April 5th 1800. By J. Rennell. Rennell 1800 $475.00 Details
Hind, Hindoostan or India . . . MDCCLXXXVIII Faden 1800 $675.00 Details
The Mausoleum of Macdoom Shah Dowlut, At Moneah, On The River Soane. Daniell 1800 ca $2,500.00 Details
Hindoostan Cooke 1801 $145.00 Details
Charte von Ostindien dies- und jenseits des Ganges, u. der lezten Zertheilung der Staaten des Tippo - Sahebs oder des Reiches Mysore . . . 1805 Walch 1805 $975.00 Details
Driving Elephants Into A Keddah | Des Elephants, Conduits Dans Un Keddah Howett   Williamson 1805 ca $750.00 Details
To the Honourable Jonathan Duncan Governor of Bombay, this Plan of Bombay Harbour is inscribed by his most obliged and most obedient Servant James Horsburgh . . . 1806 . . . Additions to 1844 Horsburgh 1806 (1844) $7,500.00 Details
[Manuscript] Chart of the passage to the East of Banka laid down from Observations in the Ship Vansittart, by Cap. Lestock Wilson (locating famous ship wrecks in the Gaspar Strait!) Ross 1815 ca $2,900.00 Details
Southern Hindostan Thomson 1816 $145.00 Details
Tartary Thomson 1817 $175.00 Details
Plan of the Channel between Sumatra and Lucepara Island Surveyed by D. Ross Commander in the H.C. Marine. 1818. Drawn by M. Houghton. Engraved by John Bateman Ross 1818 $1,800.00 Details
Hindoostan Finley 1824 $95.00 Details
The Panjab, with part of Afghanistan, Kashmeer, Sinde, &c. SDUK 1839 $65.00 Details
Carte Des Iles Maldives Leveee en 1835, Par M.M. R. Moresby et. F.T. Powell, Officiers de la Marine de la Compagnie des Indes . . . 1841. Depot De La Marine 1841 $675.00 Details
A Survey of the Sands and Channels forming the Entrance into The River Hoogly including Balasore Road and Banks of Soundings off Point Palmiras Capt. Richd. Lloyd. I.N. Offg Marine Surveyor General 1841. Walker 1842 $345.00 Details
Neueste Karte von Vorder Indien oder Hindostan . . . 1844 Meyer 1844 $85.00 Details
Hindoostan Mitchell 1846 $65.00 Details