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Maps of India

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
[Nepal] Latest Trekking Map North North of Jomsom Jomsom to Mustang Mandala Graphic Art 1991 $125.00 Details
Nepal Natraj Tours & Travels 1975 ca $245.00 Details
[Mt. Everest] Latest Trekking Map Kangchenjunga Makalu Mt. Everest Showing the Dharan to Makalu Base Camp, Everest, Darjeerling to Kangchenjunga & Jannu Himal Area Mandala Graphic Art 1970 ca $75.00 Details
The Mount Everest Region Royal Geographical Society 1957 ca $245.00 Details
Road To Rangoon Chapin 1945 $175.00 Details
Burma and E. India. [World War II Broadside Map.] C. P. D. 1945 $225.00 Details
India -- In War and Peace British Information Services 1940 ca $575.00 Details
Das Massiv des Kangchendzonga (Himalaya) von Marcel Kurz Ingenieur-Topograph der Internat. Himalaya-Expedition (1930) . . . Kurz 1931 $1,200.00 Details
Carte De L'Inde Ecclesiastique Launay 1907 $375.00 Details
India. United States Treasury Department 1899 $275.00 Details
Ceylon -- S.W. Coast -- Colombo Harbour From Surveys supplied by Sir. John Coode, C.E. 1878 to 1896. Coastline and Topography chiefly from a plan publisehd by the Marine Survey Department, Calcutta, 1878. British Admiralty 1896 $475.00 Details
Ceylon Stanford 1896 $125.00 Details
Map of the North Western Frontier of India Showing the Pamir Region and Part of Afghanistan Stanford 1890 $345.00 Details
India and The Adjacent Parts of Beluchistan, Afghanistan, Turkestan, The Chinese Empire and Siam. Stanford 1890 $175.00 Details
Carte Des Vicariats Apostoliques de L'Inde e de L'Indo-Chine 1880 ca $1,800.00 Details
Territory of Calcutta MDCCLVII Surveyor General of India 1868 $975.00 Details
Johnson's Hindostan or British India Johnson   &  Ward 1864 $65.00 Details
Carta Esferica De Ocean Indio Hoja I Que Comprehende Desde Las Costas De Africa Hasta Las Islas Maldives . . . Madrid 1861 Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1861 $125.00 Details
India -- The North West Provinces and Oude Weekly Dispatch 1860 ca $75.00 Details
Bombay &c. Weller 1858 ca $125.00 Details