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Maps of China

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
China and Birmah (View of Hong Kong) Tallis 1851 $395.00 Details
Coast of China from Hainan Isld. to Hie-che cin Bay (and) Hie che-chin Bay to San Moon Bay Weller 1860 ca $145.00 Details
Map of the Country Between Pe-King & The Gulf of Pe-Chini Showing the Advance from the Taku Forts To Pe-King Weller 1860 ca $125.00 Details
The Canton River or Chu-Kiang from Macao and Hong-Kong to Pottinger Isld. (with) The Canton River of Chu-Kiang from Pottinger Isld. to Canton Weller 1863 ca $750.00 Details
Entrance of the River Han Port of Swatau . . . 1865 British Admiralty 1865 $750.00 Details
Carte Itineraire No. 8 . . . Partie superieure du Bassin du Fleuve du Tong-King (Yun-nan). Hachette & Co. 1873 $176.00 Details
Province du Shantung Chine. Par A.A. Fauvell . . . 1876 $1,800.00 Details
China North East Coast -- Shantung Promontory Kyau-Chau Bay to Miau-Tau Strait Surveyed by Commander J. Ward, R.N. and E. Wilds, Master, R.N. . . . British Admiralty 1876 (1884) $675.00 Details
China East Coast -- Amoy Harbours and Approaches By Captns. Kellett & Collinson, R.N.: C.B. 1843 . . . 1878 British Admiralty 1878 (1890) $875.00 Details
Carte de L'Indo-Chine Orientale Dressee Par Mr. J.L. Dutreuil De Rhins Publiee Sour le Ministere de Mr. le Vice Amiral Jaureguiberry . . . 1881 Depot De La Marine   Lemercier 1881 $1,200.00 Details
Hong Kong to Gulf of Liau-Tung Compiled From The Most Recent Surveys 1876 British Admiralty 1881 $1,400.00 Details
China Sheet II Eastern Coast From Hong Kong to Chelang Pt. Surveyed By Cptn H. Collinson R.N. 1845. With additions of Captain R.H. Napier R.N. 1880 British Admiralty 1887 (1890) $1,400.00 Details
Mission Du Thibet Launay 1890 $575.00 Details
India and The Adjacent Parts of Beluchistan, Afghanistan, Turkestan, The Chinese Empire and Siam. Stanford 1890 $175.00 Details
Stanford's Map of Eastern China, Japan and Korea, The Seat of the War in 1894 Stanford 1894 $575.00 Details
China Stanford 1896 $125.00 Details
Theater of Operations Japan-China War 1894-95 Office of Naval Intelligence 1896 ca $375.00 Details
Pekin Service Geographique de l'Armee 1898 $356.00 Details
(Vicinity map of Harbin and Vladivostok with Complete map of Saghalien Island) Yu Run Tang 1905 $375.00 Details
(7 Sheet Military Map of Part of Southern Manchuria) United States War Dept. 1905 ca $750.00 Details