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Maps of Texas

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Map of Texas Cram 1898 $65.00 Details
Manuscript Map of a portion of Texarkana, Texas (?) Anonymous Manuscript Map 1900 ? $125.00 Details
Rand McNally & Co.'s Indexed County and Railroad Pocket Map and Shipper's Guide of Texas . . . Rand McNally & Co. 1904 $345.00 Details
[Downtown Dallas Right of Way and Track Maps] Union Terminal Company 1917 $795.00 Details
Map of Weatherby Oil Co. and J.V. Cockrum's Oil and Gas Leases Southwest Portion of Mills Co. State of Texas. Long 1918 ca $375.00 Details
Indian Reservations West of the Mississippi River -- 1919 US Geological Survey 1919 $195.00 Details
Map of Runnels County Texas Safety First Oil and Gas Co. (with 2 page letter) Safety First Oil & Gas Co. 1919 $375.00 Details
Air Navigation Map No. 25. (Experimental) -- Dallas and Ft. Worth to San Antonio, Texas US Army Corps of Engineers 1923 (1930) $475.00 Details
Air Navigation Map No. 29. (Experimental) -- Dryden to El Paso Texas. . . . Revised Apr. 1932 US Army Corps of Engineers 1932 $345.00 Details
Tonto's Map of South West Texas -- Explained by Cactus Pete Gordon Baking Company 1939 $245.00 Details
Official Texas Brags Map of North America . . . Scale One Inch = 6 Texas Grapefruit Storm 1948 $575.00 Details
A Texan's Map of the United States [of Texas] [Everything Depicted Hereon Is Gospel Truth!...Attested To By A Group of Impartial Texans! All Skeptics May Appeal To His Emminence, The President of Texas. Scale of Miles 1 Texas Inch = 1,000 Miles. Oliver 1949 $975.00 Details
A Map of Historical Homes and Buildings Throughout Texas Schiwetz 1957 $145.00 Details