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Maps of Texas

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Texas and part of Mexico & the United States, Showing the Route of the First Santa Fe Expedition Kendall 1845 $875.00 Details
Karte von Texas entworfen nach den Vermessungen welche in den Acten der General-Land-Office der Republic liegen bis zum Jahr 1839 Hunt & Randel  / Anonymous 1845 ca $3,600.00 Details
(First Appearance of Dallas on a Printed Map) A New Map for Travelers through the United States of America, Showing the Railroads, Canals & Stage Roads . . . 1846 Sherman & Smith 1846 $2,800.00 Details
Chart of the Gulf of Mexico, West Indies, and Spaish Main . . . 1845. Additions to 1846 Blunt 1846 $2,800.00 Details
A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions adjoining Compiled from the most recent authorities . . . 1846 Mitchell 1846 $9,500.00 Details
Map of Oregon Upper & Lower California, with part of British-America, The United States and Mexico. Sinclair 1846 $395.00 Details
Map of Texas To Illustrate Olney's School Geography Olney 1846 $275.00 Details
Genl. Austins Map of Texas... 1846 Austin 1846 $175,000.00 Details
A Map of the United States of Mexico, As organized and defined by the several Acts of the Congress of that Republic, Constructed from a great variety of Printed and Manuscript Documents by H.S. Tanner . . . 1846 Tanner 1846 $22,500.00 Details
Sam Houston and His Republic (Includes 3 Maps) Lester 1846 $1,200.00 Details
Mexico & Guatemala Mitchell 1846 ca $295.00 Details
Texas eine geographische Skizze bearbeitet nach Berghaus Länderkunde und den neuesten Forschungen des Prinzen Carl zu Solms Braunfels und anderer Reisenden. von Walter Farmer in Texas 1847 Anonymous 1847 $5,600.00 Details
Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico, según lo organizado y definido por las varias actas del Congreso de dicha República: y construido por las mejores autoridades. . . . 1847 [Manuscript Annotations] Disturnell 1847 $48,000.00 Details
Map of Texas From the most recent authorities . . . 1847 Mitchell 1847 $875.00 Details
Map of Mexico, Including Yucatan & Upper California, exhibiting The Chief Cities And Towns, The Principal Travelling Routes &c . . . 1847 Mitchell 1847 $4,800.00 Details
Birds-eye View of the Camp of the Army of Occupation Commanded by Genl. Taylor Near Corpus Christi, Texas [from the North] Oct. 1845. . . Whiting 1847 $6,500.00 Details
[United States] Gilman 1848 $595.00 Details
United States (Massive Iowa and Wisconsin Territories) Greenleaf 1849 $195.00 Details
A New Map of Mexico, California, and Oregon . . . James & Co. 1849 $475.00 Details
(1st Geological Map of Texas -- Book and Map) Topographisch-geognostische Karte von Texas mit Zugrundelegung der gogrpahischen Karte v. Wilson nach eignenen Beobachtungen bearbeitet von Dr. Fred. Roemer Roemer 1849 $19,500.00 Details