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Maps of Texas

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Carte Du Texas, Extraite de la grande Carte du Mexique par A. Brue…Revue coriggee et consideremente augmentee… par Mr. Le Docteur Fc. Leclerc … 1840 Picquet 1840 $3,600.00 Details
A Map Of The Republic Of Texas And The Adjacent Territories, Indicating The Grants of Land Conceded Under the Empressario System of Mexico Cheffins 1841 $4,500.00 Details
A Map of Texas, compiled from Surveys recorded in the Land Office of Texas, and other Official Surveys. . . . Recognized as an Independent State by Great Britain 16th. Novr. 1840 Arrowsmith 1841 $11,000.00 Details
The United States of Mexico . . . [Republic of Texas] Greenleaf 1842 $475.00 Details
Mexico [with Upper California, etc] Morse   &  Breese 1842 $245.00 Details
Map of Texas and the Country Adjacent Compiled in the Bureau of the Corps of Topographical Engineers from the Best Authorities . . . 1844 Emory 1844 $9,500.00 Details
Texas Flemming 1844 $1,400.00 Details
Texas (Republic of Texas!) Morse   &  Breese 1844 $975.00 Details
Carte de la Cote De L'Amerique Sur L'Ocean Pacifique Septentrional compretant Le Territoire de L'Oregon, Les Californies, . . . Partie de la Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson, et De L'Amerique Russe . . . 1844 [Republic of Texas] Duflot De Mofras 1844 $22,000.00 Details
North America [Republic of Texas!] Morse   &  Breese 1844 $245.00 Details
Localities of all the Indian Tribes of North America in 1833 McKenny   &  Hall 1844 ca $975.00 Details
Mexico [Republic of Texas] Hall 1844 ca $375.00 Details
Texas and part of Mexico & the United States, Showing the Route of the First Santa Fe Expedition Kendall 1845 $875.00 Details
Map of the United States. By J.H. Young. Philadelphia: Published by S. Augustus Mitchell. Sold By T & E.H. Ensign New York. 1845 [Republic of Texas!] Mitchell 1845 $1,600.00 Details
Nouvelle Carte Du Mexique, Du Texas Et D'Une Partie Des Etats Limitrophes . . . 1845 (Republic of Texas!) Brue 1845 $4,400.00 Details
Map of Texas From the most recent authorities . . . [Republic of Texas] Tanner 1845 $1,600.00 Details
Karte von Texas entworfen nach den Vermessungen welche in den Acten der General-Land-Office der Republic liegen bis zum Jahr 1839 Hunt & Randel  / Anonymous 1845 ca $3,600.00 Details
A Map of the United States of Mexico, As organized and defined by the several Acts of the Congress of that Republic, Constructed from a great variety of Printed and Manuscript Documents by H.S. Tanner . . . 1846 Tanner 1846 $22,500.00 Details
Map of Oregon, California, New Mexico, N.W. Texas & the proposed Territory of Ne-bras-ka. By Rufus B. Sage. 1846 Sage 1846 $6,500.00 Details
Sam Houston and His Republic (Includes 3 Maps) Lester 1846 $1,200.00 Details