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Maps of Southwest America (Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Texas)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
A New Map Of The State Of California, The Territories Of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New Mexico Desilver 1856 $675.00 Details
Territories of the United States Morse 1856 $395.00 Details
Map of Texas and Part of New Mexico compiled in the Bureau of Topographical Eng'rs. chiefly for military purposes. 1857 United States Bureau of Topographical Engineers 1857 $24,500.00 Details
Map of the Territory of the United States from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean Ordered by the Hon. Jeff'n Davis, Secretary of War To Accompany the Reports of the Explorations For A Railroad Route . . . by Lieut. G.K. Warren, Topl Engrs. . . . 1854-5-6-7 . . . US Pacific RR Survey 1857 $1,200.00 Details
Territories of New Mexico and Utah Colton 1858 $345.00 Details
General View of Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Harper's Weekly 1858 $345.00 Details
Map No. 1. Rio Colorado of the West explored by 1st. Lieut. Joseph C. Ives, Topl. Engrs. under the direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys - 1858 - drawn by Frhr. F. W.v. Egloffstein. Topographer to the Expedition. Ives 1858 $575.00 Details
Map of the Great Salt Lake and Adjacent Country in the Territory of Utah [with] The Great Salt Lake (Mormon) City And Surrounding Country Weller 1858 $295.00 Details
Territories of New Mexico and Utah Colton 1858 $345.00 Details
Specialkarte des Grossen Salzsee's von Utah Und Seiner Umgebungen. Nach den Aufnahmen von Freont und Stansbury . . . 1858 Petermann 1858 $275.00 Details
Colton's New Map of the State of Texas Compiled From De Cordova's Large Map Colton 1859 $475.00 Details
Sketch of the Public Surveys In New Mexico 1860 (including Arizona, prior to its formation) US General Land Office 1860 $375.00 Details
Richardson's New Map of the State of Texas Including Part of Mexico Compiled From Government Surveys and Other Authentic Documents . . . 1860 Richardson 1860 $6,500.00 Details
Mexico und die Republiken von Central-America Weimar Geographische Institut 1860 ca $175.00 Details
Map No.3. From the Santa Fe Crossing to Coo-Che-To-Pa Pass . . . by Capt. J.W. Gunnison Topl. Engrs assisted by Capt E.G. Beckwith 3d Artillery R.H. Kern, Topographer in the field . . . 1855 US Pacific RR Survey 1861 $195.00 Details
Sketch of the Public Surveys In New Mexico 1861. [Includes Arizona before it became a territory.] US General Land Office 1861 $245.00 Details
Map No. 1 From The Valley of Green River To The Salt Lake; from Explorations and Surveys maade under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War. by Cap. E.G. Beckwith, 3d Artillery. F.W. Egloffstein, Topographer for the Route. 1855 US Pacific RR Surveys 1861 $345.00 Details
Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, Showing also The Eastern Portion of Idaho (first appearance of Idaho) Mitchell Jr. 1863 $175.00 Details
Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado Mitchell Jr. 1863 $225.00 Details
DeGroot's Map of Nevada Territory exhibiting a portion of southern Oregon and eastern California. . . 1863 (with Guide to Degroot's Map of Nevada Territory, Etc., Etc.) DeGroot 1863 $27,500.00 Details