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Maps of Southeast America (Virginia Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
The Grace Line dedicates this carte to ye olde Spanish Main--cradle of all our Western Civilization. This is the route of the Spanish fleet . . . Mora 1933 $1,400.00 Details
Ye Historical Map of West Virginia 1607 - 1930 (hand drawn pictorial map) Wotring 1933 $875.00 Details
A Map showing points of interest in Jamestown Williamsburg and Yorktown in Virginia Stevens 1930 $245.00 Details
J.L. Hill Printing Co.'s Map of Richmond, VA and Surroundings . . . 1896 (with) Map showing Battle-Fields around Richmond, VA Compiled by J.T. Redd & Son. (bound into Richmond,VA: An Illustrated Hand-Book and Guide . . . ) 1896 $375.00 Details
Town Site of LInville. Mitchell Co. N.C. Anonymous 1895 ca $250.00 Details
Battle Field of Sharpsburg or Antietam Leslie 1893 $65.00 Details
Sunset Park Subdivision 1 Gwyn & West Ashville, N.C. (Manuscript Map) Gwyn & West 1892 ca $475.00 Details
[Asheville, North Carolina -- Untitled Manuscript Map of Lots on Montford Avenue and Pearson Drive) Anonymous Manuscript Map 1892 ca $325.00 Details
Map of Asheville, N.C. Gwyn & West 1892 ca $575.00 Details
(Washington, D.C.) Statistical Map No. 10. Showing the location of Street Railways, City of Washington Compile by Capt. W.T. Rossell, U.S. Engr's Assistant to Eng.r. Comm'r. To accompany the annual report of the Commissioners, District of Columbia . . . For the year ending June 30, 1892 United States Bureau of Topographical Engineers 1892 $345.00 Details
South West-Virginia and Contiguous Territory Mineral Resources and Railway Facilities . . . 1891 Boyd 1891 $1,200.00 Details
Map of the Property of the Charlestown Mining, Manufacturing and Improvement Company Charlestown Jefferson Co. W.VA. Surveyed and Drawn 1890 - 91 D.F. Taylor Princpal Assistant Engineer By D.J. Howell Civil Engineer / Landscape Architect . . . Taylor  / Howell 1891 $195.00 Details
Map of the City of Washington with Compliments of The Evening Star. Souvenier. March 45h 1889. [Presidential Inauguration Souvenir Map] The Evening Star 1889 $375.00 Details
Shaffer's Township Map of North Carolina . . . 1886. . . . Shaffer 1886 $2,400.00 Details
Topographical Map of the District of Columbia showing the Location of the Work Now In Progress for Harbor Improvement and for the Tunnel and Reservoir for "Increasing Water Supply of Washington" together with the Proposed Site for the Rock Creek Reservoir and National Park. District of Columbia Board of Commissioners 1883 $245.00 Details
Map of Washington and Georgetown US Government 1882 ca $245.00 Details
Cram's Rail Road & County Map of Virginia, W. Virginia, Maryland and Delaware . . . 1882 Cram 1882 $145.00 Details
The White House -- Ciampa & Sons Rodi (Italy) Follette 1880 ca $245.00 Details
County Map of the States of Georgia and Alabama [Insets of Atlanta and Savannah] Mitchell, Jr. 1880 $95.00 Details
Map of Chatham County state of Georgia compiled exclusively from certified plats and maps of the mist eminent local surveyors. Platen 1875 $6,500.00 Details