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Maps of the American South

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
(Signed Broadsheet: Bounty Lands) Military Bounty Land. Alden L. Gage, Agent, Washington D.C. Anonymous 1850 ca $245.00 Details
Neueste Karte von Louisiana . . . 1845 Meyer   &  Radefeld 1845 $225.00 Details
A Correct Chart of the West India Islands . . . Hill 1797 $225.00 Details
A New Map Of Louisiana with its Canals, Roads, Distances from Place to Place, along the Stage & Steam Boat Routes . . . Mitchell 1844 $195.00 Details
Map of the Washita river in Louisiana from the Hot Springs to the confluence of the Red River with the Mississippi / laid down from the Journal & survey of Wm. Dunbar in the year 1804 . . . . King  / Dunbar 1804 (1904) $195.00 Details
Cram's Rail Road & Township Map of Louisiana Published By Geo. F. Cram Proprietor of the Western Map Depo…1882 Cram 1879 $185.00 Details
Mississippi Bradford 1838 $185.00 Details
Map of Louisiana General Land Office 1866 $175.00 Details
Danny Arnold's Pictoiral Map of How the West was won showing pioneer trails and battles, Indian's territories, stagecoach lines, military forts, historical data of the frontier period around 1840 . . . Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cinerama. Dowie   Old Western Trading Post Ltd. 1970 ca $175.00 Details
A Plan of a tract of land on Bayou Boeuf surveyed by special commission of the Surveyor General Mr. Layaux Trudeaux under date of the 12th of October 1803 conts. 46,800 french aprens Protracted by a scel of 100 perches to an inch english American State Papers 1834 $175.00 Details
South West Pass of the Mississippi River Reconnaissance by F.H. Gerdes Assistant in May 1862 . . . [Rare Thick Paper Example] United States Coast Survey 1862 $175.00 Details
States of Mississippi and Louisiana Rogers   &  Johnston 1857 $175.00 Details
Les Etats Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale Partie Occidentale Bonne 1787 $170.00 Details
Kentucky Bradford 1838 $145.00 Details
North America Sheet XII. Georgia with Parts of North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama & Florida SDUK 1853 $145.00 Details
Map of the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway and Connections St. Louis, Iron Mountain   &  Southern Railway 1878 $145.00 Details
A New Map of Mississippi with its Roads & Distances. By H.S. Tanner. Tanner 1841 $140.00 Details
Alabama Bradford 1835 $125.00 Details
Gray's New Map of Alabama Gray 1878 $125.00 Details
Neueste Karte von Mississippi……1853 Meyer 1853 $125.00 Details