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Maps of the American South

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Der Amerikanische Kriegsschauplatz Zwischen Washington Und Richmond [Pocket Map] Petermann 1862 $475.00 Details
Sketch showing the relative Positions of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson also the Roads connecting the two Positions. Drawn under the direction of Lieut. Col. J.B. McPherson A. D. C. & Capt. of Engineers . . . 1875 United States War Dept. 1875 $475.00 Details
Mexico or New Spaine By John Seller Seller 1685 $475.00 Details
Delta of the Mississippi. Surveyed At The Suggestion Of The Special Board of Engineers, Appointed To Devise A Plan Fro Improving The Entrance Of The Mississippi River: Compiled IN The Bureau of Topographical Engineers. From The Original Survey of A. Talcott, By Th. J. Lee 1st Lieut. . . . United States Bureau of Topographical Engineers 1839 $475.00 Details
Carte De la Virginie et Maryland, ou De La Bai De Chesapeak, et Pays Voisins . . . Krevelt 1770 $475.00 Details
A Map of the West-Indies &c Mexico or New Spain. Also ye Trade Winds and ye Several Tracts made by ye Galeons and Flota From Place to Place . . . . Moll 1729 $475.00 Details
Battlefields in Front of Nashville where the United States Forces commanded by Major General Geo. H. Thomas defeeated and routed the Rebel Army under General Hood . . . Peseux   Bowen & Co. 1866 $475.00 Details
Map illustrating the plan of the defences of the Western & North-Western Frontier, as proposed by Charles Gratiot in his report of Oct. 31, 1837. . . . Hood  / United States GPO 1837 $450.00 Details
Luigiana Inglese, colla Parte Occidentale della Florida, della Giorgia, e Carolina Meridonale. Zatta 1778 $450.00 Details
The State of Kentucky with the adjoining Territories from the best Authorities 1800 Payne 1800 $450.00 Details
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Alabama Carey   &  Lea 1822 $450.00 Details
Carte Du Mexique ou de la Nlle. Espagne Contenant aussi le Nouveau Mexique, la Californie, avec une Partie des Pays adjecents . . . 1771 Lattre 1771 $395.00 Details
Carte De La Louisiane et Pay Voisons . . . Krevelt 1773 $395.00 Details
Carte De La Louisiane et Pay Voisons . . . 1757 Bellin 1757 $395.00 Details
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Mississippi. Carey   &  Lea 1822 $395.00 Details
Geographisch-statistische und historische Charte von Louisiana Weiland 1824 $375.00 Details
Mexico or New Spain Gibson 1758 $375.00 Details
Chart of a Portion of the Savannah River. Surveyed & Dawn under the direction of Col. J.J. Abert by M.L. Smith Graham 1849 $375.00 Details
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Alabama. Carey   &  Lea 1822 $375.00 Details
Survey of the Cumberland River from the Falls To Nashville With a view to the removal o the obstructions to Steam Boat Navigation between those points -- Made under the direction of Howard Stansbury . . . 1834 United States GPO 1834 $375.00 Details