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Maps of the American South (Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Descripcion De Las Yndias Del Norte Herrera y Tordesillas 1601 (1622) $975.00 Details
Kentucky, Reduced from Elihu Barker's Large Map. Carey 1795 $975.00 Details
[Mobile Bay] Plano de la Bahia Movila: Situado el Fuerte del Mismo Nombre . . . Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1809 $975.00 Details
Kaart der Mississippi, van . . . Z.M. Pike . . . Pike 1813 $975.00 Details
A Map of Louisiana, with the course of the Missisipi, and the adjacent Rivers, the Nations of the Natives, the French Establishments and the Mines . . . 1757 Le Page du Pratz 1763 $975.00 Details
A Map of the Middle States of America, Drawn from the latest and best Authorities . . . Conder 1794 $975.00 Details
Florida Per N. Sanson (Rare Variant Edition) Zunners 1679 $975.00 Details
Carta Geografica Della Florida Nell America Settentrionale Albrizzi 1740 $975.00 Details
Georgia from the latest Authorities Reid 1796 $975.00 Details
Map Showing the Lands assigned to Emigrant Indians West of Arkansas & Missouri Hood 1836 $975.00 Details
Carte D'Une Partie De L'Amerique Septentrionale, qui Contient Partie De La Nle. Espagne, Et De La Louisiana . . . par M. De Pages . . . de Pages 1782 $975.00 Details
Partie de la Coste de la Louisiane et de la Floride depuis le Mississipi Jus qua St. Marc d'Apalache . . . 1744 Bellin 1744 $875.00 Details
A Map of the Back Settlements Stockdale 1794 $875.00 Details
A New and Accurate Chart of the West Indies with the Adjacent Coasts of North and South America . . . Bowen 1748 $875.00 Details
Carte De La Caroline Meridionale et Septentrionale et de La Virginie Tardieu 1795 $795.00 Details
A Map of the Seat of War in the Southern Part of Virginia, North Carolina and the Northern Part of South Carolina . . . London Magazine 1781 $795.00 Details
Carte De La Caroline Meridionale et Septentrionale et de La Virginie Tardieu 1795 $750.00 Details
[Pocket Map] Map Of The States Of Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama Constructed from the latest Authorities. 1831 Mitchell 1835 $750.00 Details
An Accurate Map of the West Indies Drawn from the best Authorities, assisted by the most approved modern Maps and Charts . . . Bowen 1747 $750.00 Details
Map Of North and South Carolina And Georgia, Constructed from the Latest Authorities. 1831. Mitchell 1831 $750.00 Details