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Maps of the American South

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Gray's New Map of Mississippi Gray 1878 $95.00 Details
Arkansas Cram 1899 $95.00 Details
A New Map of Mississippi with its Roads & Distances. By H.S. Tanner. Tanner 1845 $95.00 Details
Neueste Karte von Arkansas mit seinen canaelen strassen & entfernungen der Hauptpunkte . .1845 Meyer   &  Radefeld 1845 $95.00 Details
A.(1). ARKANSAS. Map Of The Arkansas Surveying District, Shewing The Extent Of Public Surveys In Said District On The 30th September 1844 . . . Graham 1844 $89.00 Details
United States, Southern Section Black 1865 ca $85.00 Details
Map of Orange County &c. Va. embraciing the details and plans of Operations of Confederate and Federal Forces at Mine Run and Rapidan River . . . (with maps of the Battle-Field of Bristoe, Missionary Ridge, Tennessee, and others) Bien & Co. 1891-95 $85.00 Details
Railroad and County Map of Alabama Cram 1887 $79.00 Details
Railroad and County Map of Mississippi Cram 1887 $79.00 Details
States of Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas Rogers   &  Johnston 1857 $75.00 Details
The Mississippi Raft (Near Port Gibson) Ladies Repository 1856 $75.00 Details
Military Reconnaissaance. Vicinity of Gauley Bridge. Department of Western Virginia [with] Map of the Battlefield of Carnifix Ferry [and] Sketch of ... Somerset, KY. Bien & Co. 1891-95 $75.00 Details
Johnson's Georgia and Alabama Johnson   &  Ward 1863 $75.00 Details
States of Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas Rogers   &  Johnston 1857 $75.00 Details
J.H. Colton's Map of Arkansas and Indian Territory Colton 1860 $75.00 Details
Johnson's Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana Johnson   &  Ward 1862 $75.00 Details
Louisiana and part of Arkansas Bradford 1835 $75.00 Details
Louisiana Taylor White 1935 $68.00 Details
Arkansas US General Land Office 1854 $65.00 Details
Alabama Taylor White 1935 $65.00 Details