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Maps of the American South (Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Map of the State of Alabama Greenleaf 1842 $225.00 Details
Neueste Karte von Louisiana . . . 1845 Meyer   &  Radefeld 1845 $225.00 Details
West Indies from the best Authorities. Brightly   &  Kinnersly 1796 $225.00 Details
Map of the Southern States, Including Rail Roads, County Towns, State Capitals, County Roads, The Southern Coast From Delaware To Texas, Showing The Harbors, Inlets, Forts And Position of Blockading Ships Harper 1863 $195.00 Details
Map of the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway and Connections St. Louis, Iron Mountain   &  Southern Railway 1878 $195.00 Details
A New Map of Virginia with its Canals, Roads & Distances from Place to Place, along the Stage & Steam Boat Routes Mitchell 1847 $195.00 Details
A New Map Of Louisiana with its Canals, Roads, Distances from Place to Place, along the Stage & Steam Boat Routes . . .Large inset of New Orleans Cowperthwait & Co. 1850 $195.00 Details
Map of the Washita river in Louisiana from the Hot Springs to the confluence of the Red River with the Mississippi / laid down from the Journal & survey of Wm. Dunbar in the year 1804 . . . . King  / Dunbar 1804 (1904) $195.00 Details
Neueste Karte von Alabama . . . 1845 Meyer   &  Radefeld 1845 $195.00 Details
A Plan of a tract of land on Bayou Boeuf surveyed by special commission of the Surveyor General Mr. Layaux Trudeaux under date of the 12th of October 1803 conts. 46,800 french aprens Protracted by a scel of 100 perches to an inch english American State Papers 1834 $175.00 Details
A New Map of Arkansas with its Canals Roads & Distances Tanner 1841 (1844) $175.00 Details
Mississippi Greenleaf 1849 $175.00 Details
States of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama And Florida Rogers   &  Johnston 1857 $175.00 Details
Colton's Alabama Colton 1859 $175.00 Details
Map of the Defenses of the City of Mobile United States Bureau of Topographical Engineers 1865 $165.00 Details
Neueste Karte von Kentucky . . .1845 Meyer 1845 $165.00 Details
Mississippi Bradford 1838 $165.00 Details
Plan of Franklinville, in Mason County, Kentucky (and) Plan of Lystra, in Nelson-County; Kentucky. Winterbotham  / Tanner 1796 $165.00 Details
New Orleans (and) San Francisco Rogers   &  Johnston 1857 $165.00 Details
Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique Du Kentucky Buchon 1825 $165.00 Details