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Maps of the American South (Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Voyages To America On The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers Anonymous 1970 ca ? $145.00 Details
Historic Natchitoches Founded 1714 1941 $245.00 Details
Alabama Taylor White 1935 $65.00 Details
Map Showing Johnson-Magoffin Oil and Gas Field Kentucky Wescott 1920 ca $475.00 Details
Arkansas Cram 1899 $95.00 Details
Parkersburg West Virginia 1899 Fowler   &  Moyer 1899 $345.00 Details
Mississippi Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
Tennessee Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
Arkansas Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
Kentucky Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $20.00 Details
Plan of New Orleans Mitchell Jr.  / Bradley 1888 $55.00 Details
Mapa de las lineas de transporte tributarias a los intereses comerciales de Nueva Orleans preparado para la Bolsa Mercantil Mexicana. Centro y Sur Americana por Julio Popper. Popper 1883 $2,400.00 Details
Map of The City of Nashville and Vicinity Published By The Nashville Board of Health 1879 . . . Tavel, Eastman & Howell 1879 $1,400.00 Details
Geological Map of Alabama Prepared for Berney's Hand Book of Alabama By Eugene A. Smith, Ph.D. . . . 1878 1878 $275.00 Details
Map of the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway and Connections St. Louis, Iron Mountain   &  Southern Railway 1878 $195.00 Details
Gray's New Map of Alabama Gray 1878 $75.00 Details
Sketch showing the relative Positions of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson also the Roads connecting the two Positions. Drawn under the direction of Lieut. Col. J.B. McPherson A. D. C. & Capt. of Engineers . . . 1875 United States War Dept. 1875 $475.00 Details
County Map of Florida [with inset of Mobile] Mitchell, Jr. 1874 $125.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Arkansas and portion of Indian Territory Asher   Adams 1874 $95.00 Details
Colton's Louisiana Colton 1872 $125.00 Details