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Maps of the Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, New Mexico)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Amerique du Nord . . . 1864 [Colorado called Colona] Dufour 1864 $375.00 Details
Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado Idaho & Kansas (First Appearance of Idaho Including The Future Montana & Wyoming Territories!) Johnson   &  Ward 1864 $195.00 Details
Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, Showing also the Southern portion of Dacotah [Wyoming shown as Attached to Dacotah] Mitchell Jr. 1865 $165.00 Details
Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico & Indian Territory McNally 1865 $95.00 Details
Map of the Washoe, Humboldt and Reese River Silver Mines in the State of Nevada By E.W. Perry . . . 1865 [with specimen for pamphlet for the Commonwealth Mining Company . . . ] Perry 1865 $1,400.00 Details
Carte Generale Des Etats-Unis Et Du Mexique . . . [Shows Territories of Colona and Shoshone] Andriveau-Goujon 1865 $575.00 Details
Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and part of Montana [Early appearance of Montana] Mitchell Jr. 1865 $125.00 Details
Johnson's California, with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona Johnson   Ward 1865 $225.00 Details
Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Idaho & Montana Johnson   Ward 1865 $295.00 Details
Sketch of the Public Surveys In New Mexico & Arizona To Accompany The Annual Report of the Commessioner of the Land Office For 1866 US General Land Office 1866 $795.00 Details
Johnson's United States (with strange Dakota Territory configuration) Johnson 1866 $195.00 Details
Etats-Unis (Etats de l'Ouest) Andriveau-Goujon 1867 $145.00 Details
National Map of the Territory of the United States From The Mississippi River To The Pacific Ocean. Made . . . In the Office of the Indian Bureau . . . under the direction of the Hon. N.G. Taylor, Commisr. of Indian Affairs . . . 1867. Keeler 1867 $4,500.00 Details
Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, Showing also the Southern portion of Dacotah Mitchell Jr. 1867 $145.00 Details
The Hannibal & St. Joseph Rail Road Company Offer For Sale nearly 400,000 Acres of the best Prairie, Timber, and Coal Lands in Northern Missouri Located on or mostly within 10 Miles of the Railroad . . . 1867 ca $1,900.00 Details
California And Other Western States of the United States [Gadsden Territory named -- early name for Arizona] Cassell, Petter & Galpin 1868 $295.00 Details
The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak. Bierstadt 1869 $22,500.00 Details
United States of North America (Western Sheet) Johnston 1869 $175.00 Details
Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie. Bierstadt 1869 $24,000.00 Details
Map of the Territory of Utah [with] Great Salt Lake Valley [with] Plat of Salt Lake City Utah Froiseth 1870 $1,400.00 Details