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Maps of the Rocky Mountains

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Gray's Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Gray 1873 $245.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Portions Of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Asher   &  Adams 1873 $120.00 Details
Map of the Shoshone Geysers on the S. Western Terminus of Shoshone Lake . . . US Geological Survey 1873 $75.00 Details
Map of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico And Arizona Williams 1873 $202.50 Details
Plan of Villa Park, City of Denver Colorado . . . (with Articles of Incorporation and By Laws of the Denver Villa Park Association . . . 1872) Denver Tribune Association Print 1872 $1,600.00 Details
Bancroft's Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia Bancroft & Co. 1872 $2,800.00 Details
Map of The Northern Pacific Railroad and Tributary Country National Railway Publication Company 1872 $2,400.00 Details
County Map of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico And Arizona Lloyd  / Warner & Beers 1872 $202.50 Details
Colton's Map of the States and Territories West of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Showing the Overland Routes, Projected Railroad Lines &c . . . 1872 Colton 1872 $2,800.00 Details
Map of the Central Pacific Railroad and its Connections Central Pacific Railroad 1871 ca $1,600.00 Details
Map of the Kansas Central Railway and its Connections (with Statement of the Condition and Resources of the Kansas Central Railway (Narrow Gage) From Leavenworth Kansas to Denver, Colorado Kansas Central Railway 1871 $1,800.00 Details
Upper Geyser Basin Fire Hole River Wyoming Territory Surveyed by the Party in chart of F.V. Hayden U.S. Geologist 1871. United States Department of the Interior 1871 $475.00 Details
Map of the Central Pacific Railroad and its Connections [with The California Mail Bag Oct.-Nov 1871 Anonymous 1871 $2,400.00 Details
Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and part of Montana [Early appearance of Montana] Mitchell Jr. 1871 $125.00 Details
America (Italian View of American Indians in Native American Dress) Casa 1870 ca $280.00 Details
Carte Generale Des Etats-Unis Et Du Mexique . . . Andriveau-Goujon 1870 ca $600.00 Details
Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie. Bierstadt 1869 $25,000.00 Details
The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak. Bierstadt 1869 $25,000.00 Details
California And Other Western States of the United States [Gadsden Territory named -- early name for Arizona] Cassell, Petter & Galpin 1868 $295.00 Details
Map of the Routes of the Union Pacific Railroads With Their Eastern Connections. Compiled . . .by W.J. Keeler . . . 1867 Keeler 1867 $1,400.00 Details