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Maps of the American Plains (Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Colton's Indian Territory Colton 1872 $225.00 Details
Map of The Northern Pacific Railroad and Tributary Country National Railway Publication Company 1872 $2,400.00 Details
Martial Law. As Exemplified In The Desolation of Border Counties of Missouri , Issued By Brigadier General Ewing, Of the Federal Army, From His Head Quarters, Kansas City, Augt. 25th 1863. . . . Bingham 1872 $2,400.00 Details
Colton's Dakota and Wyoming Colton 1872 $295.00 Details
Colton's Map of the States and Territories West of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Showing the Overland Routes, Projected Railroad Lines &c . . . 1872 Colton 1872 $1,800.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Nebraska Asher   &  Adams 1872 $65.00 Details
Colton's Kansas Colton 1873 $125.00 Details
Map of Nebraska, Dakota, Montana and Wyoming Williams 1873 $175.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Portions Of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Asher   &  Adams 1873 $115.00 Details
Colton's Missouri Colton 1873 $75.00 Details
Map of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Indian Territory Williams 1873 $125.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Montana. Eastern Portion Asher   &  Adams 1873 $145.00 Details
The Gulf Stream of Migration -- Guide To Iowa and Nebraska Lands For Sale On Ten Years' Credit Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company 1873 $1,200.00 Details
[De Smet's General Map of the Northwest] (with book) De Smet 1873 $275.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Portions Of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Asher   &  Adams 1873 $130.50 Details
Asher & Adams' Kansas Asher   &  Adams 1873 $125.00 Details
The Black Hills from a reconnaissance by Captain William Ludlow Corps of Engineers, 1874 And maps of Warren and Raynolds United States Bureau of Topographical Engineers 1874 $475.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Iowa Asher   &  Adams 1874 $75.00 Details
Asher & Adams' Arkansas and portion of Indian Territory Asher   Adams 1874 $110.00 Details
City of Des Moines From South Park Hill Shober 1875 $195.00 Details