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Maps of the American Plains (Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
(Kansas City to Sioux City, Iowa) Sections on the Missouri River from No. 20 M, to No. 40 M. Owen 1852 $275.00 Details
(Nauvou / Ft. Madison to Ft. Des Moines) Series of Sections on the Des Moines River in Iowa, Between The Mississippi River and the Raccoon Fork . . . Owen 1852 $345.00 Details
Mexico, Texas und Californien . . . 1853 (Names Deseret!) Kiepert 1853 $1,100.00 Details
Map of Minnesota Territory Redfield 1853 $595.00 Details
Map No. 1. From Fort Smith to the Rio Grande from explorations and surveys made under the direction of Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War By Lieut A.W. Whipple . . . and Lieut J.C. Ives, Topogl Engrs . . .1853-4 US Pacific RR Surveys 1854 $575.00 Details
Map of Iowa Ensign Bridgeman & Fanning 1854 $1,400.00 Details
Map No. 1 St. Paul to Riviere Des Lacs: from Explorations and Surveys . . . By Isaac Stevens Governor of Washington Territory US Pacific RR Survey 1854 $245.00 Details
Fort Smith Arkansas US Pacific RR Survey 1855 $65.00 Details
Map No. 1 From the Western Boundary of Missouri to the Mouth of Trap Creek: from Explorations and Surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis Secretary of War by Capt. J.W. Gunnsion Topl. Engrs. assisted by Capt. E.G. Beckwith . . . R.H. Kern Topographer in the Field . . . 1854 US Pacific RR Surveys 1855 $245.00 Details
Maple River (South Dakota) US Pacific RR Survey 1855 $35.00 Details
Minnesota 1855 Colton 1855 $975.00 Details
Milk River, Near Junction of Missouri US Pacific RR Survey 1855 $45.00 Details
Karte des Staates Iowa nach den besten Hulfsmittlen bearbeitet von Th. Olshausen. . . 1855 Olshausen 1855 $575.00 Details
The Territories of Kansas and Nebraska: Being An Account of Their Geography, Resources, and Settlements . . . (with two early maps of Kansas & Nebraska) Moffette 1855 $3,500.00 Details
A Township Map of the State of Iowa Compiled from the United States Surveys, offical information and personal reconnaissance, showing the Streams, Roads, Towns, Post Offices, County Seats, Works of Internal Improvements, &c &c. . . . 1855 Henn, Williams & Co. 1855 $1,200.00 Details
British North America. By Permission Dedicated to The Honble. Hudsons Bay Company; Containing the latest information which their documents furnish. Arrowsmith 1855 ca $975.00 Details
Territories of the United States Morse 1856 $395.00 Details
Map of Nebraska and Kansas Anonymous 1856 ca $75.00 Details
Territory of Minnesota Rogers   &  Johnston 1857 $675.00 Details
Iowa -- Wells Hand Book of Iowa Wells 1857 $975.00 Details