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Maps of the American Plains (Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Map Of The Territory Of Montana with Portions of the Adjoining Territories Compiled and drawn by W. W. DeLacy Civil Engineer & Surveyor. Helena, M. T. 1870 (with manuscript additions!) De Lacy 1878 $14,500.00 Details
Rand McNally & Company's Arizona. Rand McNally & Co 1878 $125.00 Details
$100,000 -- St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Co. Guaranteed Gold 6's ofthe St. Louis, Kansas and Southwestern R.R. Co., Running through the Southern Section and Most Fertile part of Kansas. Anon. 1879 ca $65.00 Details
Iowa The Bradstreet Company 1880 $24.00 Details
County and Township Map of Dakota Mitchell Jr. 1880 $95.00 Details
Topographical Map of Missouri Showing Counties, Townships, Towns, Post Offices, Rail Roads, Post Routes, Mineral Deposits &c. Issued By The St. Louis Immigration Society . . . By R.A. Campbell, C.E. . . . 1880 Campbell 1880 $375.00 Details
(Iowa -- Horse Breeding Farm) The World's Greatest Importing Establishment. Main Barns of the Holbert House Importing Co. Gugler Litho 1880 ca $2,800.00 Details
Colorado [with Indian Territory on verso] Mitchell Jr. 1881 $225.00 Details
Larimore, Grand Forks Co. . . . Dakota. Gast 1881 ca $975.00 Details
Creel's Topographical Map of Ramsey County, Dakota Territory. 1882. Creel 1882 $1,800.00 Details
Rice's Township Map of Dakota, and the Black Hills. . . . 1882 (with an early depiction of the North Dakota Boundary Line) Rice 1882 $2,750.00 Details
Vereinigte Staaten, Blattern 1 (Western United States) Stieler 1882 $125.00 Details
Plat of the Town Site of Helena As entered at the U.S. Land Office. Lewis & Clarke Co. M.T. Drawn by A.F.L. August 7th 1882. Anonymous Manuscript Map 1882 $4,500.00 Details
[North Dakota - Fargo] Anonymous 1882 circa $575.00 Details
Wyoming. Compiled by permission from official records of the U.S. Land Office. Published by G.L. Holt, Cheyenne, Wyo. . . . Holt 1883 $975.00 Details
Dawson Co. (Nebraska) Everts & Kirk 1884 $245.00 Details
County and Township Map Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming Mitchell, Jr. 1884 $145.00 Details
Indian Territory / Alaska Bradley & Bros. 1884 $125.00 Details
County & Township Map of the States of Kansas and Nebraska Mitchell Jr. 1884 $65.00 Details
State of Kansas . . . 1891. Compiled from the official Records of the General Land Office and other sources . . . US General Land Office 1885 $195.00 Details